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MTB pedals vs. road pedals,(11 posts)

MTB pedals vs. road pedals,mtbnut
Nov 3, 2003 3:47 PM
Just got back onto road and had some spare MTB clipless pedals. Is there any reason(other than style) this wouldn't be a good idea. I've noticed that some people develop knee problems due to their pedals.
I use MTB pedalslaffeaux
Nov 3, 2003 3:52 PM
The only possible disadvantage to using MTB pedals is if you happen to catch the bottom of the pedal on the ground while leaning in a turn. Road pedals have flat bottom and more easily bounce off. MTB pedals potentially could catch on something easier and cause a crash.

I have no possiblity of leaning my bike that far so I don't worry about it. Otherwise, it's more of a fahion statement, and possbily a slight weight penalty depending on the pedal and show combination.
re: MTB pedals vs. road pedals,mapei boy
Nov 3, 2003 4:26 PM
This discussion has been done to death on this message board. Eighty percent of our community think MTB pedals are just as good as road pedals, performance-wise, and about twenty percent think road pedals make enough of a performance difference to warrant enduring their inherent impracticalities. I am squarely in the Road Pedals Are Better camp. When you are on the bike, road pedals are more comfortable. They attach you more securely and intimately with the bike. They are more efficient. There is less slop. If you are on a lengthy ride, you eventually come to be grateful that, yes, you're riding road pedals.

As for knee problems, they can happen with either type. Some posters swear by Speedplays for solving their knee problems. Others claim that Speedplays CAUSED their knee problems. In the end, knee problems are more a matter of fit than anything else.
depends what's important to youPmbH
Nov 3, 2003 5:01 PM
I run M959 mountain pedals because I'm primarily a mountain biker, so all my shoes already have SPD cleats on them. I put them on my road bike so it matches my 5 other bikes...

However, I DO believe in the long run you'll be happier with road pedals. Although they're mostly single-sided, they're still easy to get into. The large cleat-contact of many designs "feels better" on your feet. The cornering clearance comes in handy if you ever race crits. Only downside is the way you walk when you get off the bike to run into a coffee shop.

As for the knees, that is different for everyone. Try what you think you'll like... If it hurts your knees, try something different.
It's completely up to you...biknben
Nov 3, 2003 5:15 PM
If you happen to have MTB pedals laying around then go with them. All the pros and cons are debatable. Save you cash, for now at least, and go with the MTB pedals.

FWIW, I have road pedals on my road bike and MTB pedals on my commuter. I've aquired a few pairs of time ATAC pedals so I went with that pedal when I built up the commuter.
It's completely up to you...lyleseven
Nov 3, 2003 6:02 PM
I use road pedals on my road/racing bikes and mtb pedals on my touring bike. Just a personal preference in my opinion unless you are a weight-weenie.
re: MTB pedals vs. road pedals,TNRyder
Nov 3, 2003 6:53 PM
One thing that I have noticed with SPD pedals on the road bike. When I am pedaling in circles as I should, I feel the cleat moving around in the cage on my upstroke. You can actually hear it clicking around as you pedal. When I get my bike built back up, I plan to switch to road pedals ASAP $$$. I am curious to see if they make a difference in this respect.

Also, other than Speedplay, is there a road pedal out there that offers the same type of float that SPD's do?
Used them bothdgangi
Nov 3, 2003 7:30 PM
I am a mtb'er who also recently got into road riding. My first few rides on my road bike were with my MTB clipless pedals -- Wellgo SPD pedals. They performed fine.

However, they were somewhat heavy and just didn't look right on the bike. My nice, shiny new Fuji with some beat-to-hell Wellgo MTB pedals? They looked out of place.

So I splurged and spent $30 at Performance Bike ( and purchased their own brand of road pedal. They are reviewed on this board with good marks. And they are also a nice match for the bike.

Performance-wise, they are great -- very close to my Wellgo's in terms of how you clip in and out (both are SPD pedals). With the new road pedals the bike looks better -- doesn't look like it was piece-mealed with leftover parts (if you know what I mean).

I use road pedals with MTB shoesconfig
Nov 4, 2003 2:11 AM
I guess you can do what suits you. I just prefer to be able to walk normal.
Nov 4, 2003 10:11 AM
I run Sidi Dominator/959 combo on the mountain bikes, and Sidi Engergy/Dura-Ace SPD-SL on the road bike.

I can tell a HUGE difference going between the two. The road pedal is MUCH more comforatable, has a much better platform, provides MUCH more power to the pedals, and is just all around BETTER.

I wish I could use the road combo on the mountain bike! THe mountain bike pedals move around too much, the shoes are NOT as stiff (same upper, different sole) and create hot spots on long mountain bike rides.
I agreeLC
Nov 4, 2003 4:35 PM
I did not even know how much I was suffering till I tried road pedals. When I have to go back to SPD's I really feel like I am suffering in both comfort and the lack of a stable plateform trying to apply alot of force to those two little screws that are just a few millimeters appart.