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Cheap bike rental in Maui????(3 posts)

Cheap bike rental in Maui????bimini
Nov 3, 2003 9:52 AM
I just made reservations for a week in Maui for the wife and I. (I have to use a few frequent flyer miles before they expire)

I am not going to mess with taking the bike. I did check the web for bike rentals and the prices were a lot higher than our car rental.

Is there anywhere to rent bikes for a couple of days or a week cheap?

I don't need anything fancy, just a basic road or touring bike, or even a basic tandem.

It is a vacation, so a week break from the bike might not be a bad thing (at least I could tell my wife, "see, I'm not obsessed, I stayed off the bike for a whole week!)

There are plenty of other things to do in Maui besides biking. So it's not like I will die of boredom without riding the bike, but is Maui one of those places you just can't miss riding a bike on? Are the roads safe? Are they crowded?

I would probably get a kick out of trying to climb a mountain or two on the bike but this might eat up the best part of a day (while the wife sits back in the hotel room preparing a speech about "why would anyone in their right mind enjoy riding their bike up that, you need help!")

I will probably take a break from the bike unless I find a Deal you can't refuse. Or if it is a not to be missed experience.
re: Cheap bike rental in Maui????rfrancisco
Nov 3, 2003 1:19 PM
Check out Island Biker Maui, they are in Kahului @ 415 Dairy rd. near the airport, across from K-mart. You can check thier web site Roads are very good in Maui, the windward side will be wet and the leeward side will be dry. You can ride up to Haleakala if you have the time,10,000+of climbing. aloha.
Go Cycling MauiTheBigM
Nov 3, 2003 1:20 PM
It's certainly not cheap, but I think riding up Haleakala is a not to be missed experience. I did it in April with Go Cycling Maui ( and it was fantastic! 10,000 feet of climbing in 36 miles, a short break at the top then a screaming 10,000 foot descent.

The roads are for the most part very good, with nice wide (and clean) shoulders. Traffic can be heavy, but it wasn't and issue on either of the two rides I did with Go Cycling Maui.