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Truing stand reviews... Can it be more confusing?(6 posts)

Truing stand reviews... Can it be more confusing?NewDayNewWay
Nov 3, 2003 9:39 AM
I've gotten good at sorting out the online reviews of bike equipment but the reviews for truing stands are just beyond confusing! Either they're great or they suck.

I'm buying a TS-7 unless someone here tells me that I cannot build wheels with it. I'm not paying the price for the TS-2 especially since it appears you need to have the additional $50 tool for centering the gauges. I'll just use the TS-7 and flip the wheel or use the dishing tool.

re: Truing stand reviews... Can it be more confusing?gtx
Nov 3, 2003 9:52 AM
Any truing stand will work fine for wheelbuilding and the centering feature on the pricier stands shouldn't be trusted too much anyway--you should always double check with a dishing tool. The advantage of the heavy, stable stands is it's easier to quickly true heavy wheels--especially mtb wheels with the tires mounted. This is why shops use 'em. Plus they're pretty indestructible.
re: Truing stand reviews... Can it be more confusing?MShaw
Nov 3, 2003 9:58 AM
I'm living proof that you can build good wheels with a crap truing stand. I inherited mine back a bunch of years ago. Its some folding model that I don't even really know the name of. Even better, it isn't even straight! One of the legs is cockeyed.

It isn't the truing stand, its the wrench...

A good dishing tool is essential if you don't have a self-centering stand.

The nice thing about the TS-2 is that it is supposed to be self-centering. The bad thing about the TS-2 is that it costs an arm and a leg. Good for long-term durability, bad for the occaisional wheelbuilder like me.

I still WANT a TS-2, I just don't want to pay for one.

Self centering? Not the TS2, TS3 maybe.Al1943
Nov 3, 2003 6:16 PM
re: Truing stand reviews... Can it be more confusing?pswann
Nov 3, 2003 11:54 AM

I just bought a TS-7 and built my first wheel with it and it was fine. It is a little weird how the metal plate on the stand is super beefy yet the plastic parts are really cheap and don't slide well where they need to slide. Seems like they could've split the difference and made it all metal, just not so thick.

But that's a quibble. I'm sure this stand is all I'm gonna need for quite a while. Like many others, I'd like a TS-2, but I just don't think it's worth twice the price of the TS-7.
re: Truing stand reviews... Can it be more confusing?collectorvelo
Nov 3, 2003 2:33 PM
it maybe out of style; but I like truing wheels in the bike I am using them in. No stand needed - just brakes with even pads