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Stuck CF seatpost. Hmmm.(4 posts)

Stuck CF seatpost. Hmmm.bill
Nov 2, 2003 7:22 PM
The downside of all this CF stuff is apparent, once in a while.
I have a Deda Blackstick seatpost, which has no clearcoat on it. CF Fondriest P4 (alu lugs, alu sleeve for the seatpost).
Sucker is stuck. Used no grease, because I heard I wasn't supposed to (no manual with the seatpost). Don't really know why I wasn't supposed to, and now it's seeming kind of ridiculous.
Any ideas? I thought about squirting WD-40 around the seat collar and hoping that it will seep down there.
re: The Swellteoteoteo
Nov 3, 2003 5:33 AM
You don't use grease on the carbon because it can cause delamination of the carbon post--some mechanics have told me it will also make the carbon swell.

I spent 30 minutes yesterday breaking free a easton carbon post from a litespeed frame. My method was to use old cheap seat and hit nose of saddle with mallet until it spun--it worked but I sweated a lake in the process.
re: Stuck CF seatpost. Hmmm.lyleseven
Nov 3, 2003 8:15 AM
My Easton got stuck too! Tried it with grease, tried it without grease, same problem. Mine was in a steel frame. Switched to aluminum and to be honest, I can't tell the difference in the ride.
Been There.Gregory Taylor
Nov 3, 2003 8:27 AM
The Dean suffered recently from the same malady. My Campy post wedged itself in to the point where it wound up removing the sleeve that Dean slips (and glues) into the seat tube.

The post was always a tight fit (Dean claims that it was oversize, I haven't measured it yet), and my post got stuck after a wet ride. Did the post swell in the wet? I dunno.

I wound up having to send the frame back to Dean for a new sleeve, which they fixed for free. They recommended an Easton post, which I bought.