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Update and seeking input re Nov. 15 St. Louis RBR ride(5 posts)

Update and seeking input re Nov. 15 St. Louis RBR ridevindicator
Nov 2, 2003 5:16 PM
I've got a preliminary route laid out - at the moment it's just under 50 but I'm looking for ways to add a couple of miles. I've ridden the entire route within the last year, but I have not ridden the whole thing within the last month. If anyone wants to volunteer to ride or drive to check things out, let me know. I did ride part of it today, and it was beautiful.

I'm trying to decide on a good start/stop place. Criteria are 1) accessible to the route without having to go too far or ride too much on lousy roads; and 2) A place where we can have a few cold drinks afterward.

None of the choices out there seem ideal (there are better places closer to my house), but probably the best bet is a semi-upscale place called the Wild Horse Grill (about 1-2 miles west of the Smoke House that others have referred to). They've got room for us, and a good spot near the route. They have only three beers on tap - Bud Light, Michelob Amber Bock, and Bass Pale Ale. They do have Sam Adams, Guinness and some Schlafly (local mircro-brew) stuff in bottles, plus of course the AB/Miller/Coors stuff. They could do apps for us as well.

Alternatives are a little storefront Mexican place where the food is supposed to be good (but I haven't eaten there) and I believe but haven't verified that we could get Dos Equis, etc. Not sure if they have a license for margaritas, etc., but I bet they do (and they're next door to the WHG if they crap out). Second alternative is a mile or so away, through some busier strip mall traffic. It's more of a family/kids oriented place called Red Robin, but it has a bar area and more good stuff on tap than the WHG, including Fat Tire and some others. Problem is that the bar area is smaller, with no real place where we could all sit around 1 or 2 tables, and it's more crowded in the afternoon.

So I'll vote for WHG, but I'm soliciting any other votes among participants.

And I'm still trying to nail down babysitting so I can actually attend...
Nov. 15 St. Louis RBR ride - How to register?Indurain 03
Nov 2, 2003 10:57 PM
I have not heard about the ride, but it sounds great. How do I register? Do I need to register? Any info about the starting place and time would be greatly appreciated.

No need to registervindicator
Nov 3, 2003 7:23 AM
I'll let J pipe in here if he thinks differently, but I'd say the most likely way to handle it will be to put up a post a few days in advance to take a poll of who's coming - that way we at least know who to wait for. But anyone who shows up is welcome.

We're looking at about a 10:30 am start at one of the places mentioned in the post above. Final details will be posted, so keep your eyes on this board!
my voteJS Haiku Shop
Nov 3, 2003 8:24 AM
WHG gets my vote.

if we're doing this i may stay the night, closeby, and drive home for the 'cross race muy early the next am.

thanks for working on the route and putting together the logistics.
re: Update and seeking input re Nov. 15 St. Louis RBR rideFTMD
Nov 3, 2003 8:45 AM
I'll keep my eyes peeled for more info, but I'm in.