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Comment re: Look 381i(6 posts)

Comment re: Look 381iOverhill
Nov 2, 2003 4:54 AM
The reviews are favorable and the general responses have been good, but I would like more input re the Look 381i:
1. Are the adjustable dropouts a pain? Do they stay adjusted?
2. Are there seatpost options [25.0] other than Look and U.S.E.? Does Thomson now have a 25.0?
3. Any problems with the FSA integrated headset?
Most of the reviews were after a short time of ownership. What observations after a year or two of riding? Any glaring problems with this model that should make one avoid it completely? Any warranty issues? Would you buy another one? All comments appreciated. Thanks.
re: Comment re: Look 381ikelmeboyAZ
Nov 2, 2003 6:47 AM
I have a 2002 Team Kelme edition with HSC 4 fork D/A, Ksyrium, and Look seatpost. After approximately 6000 miles I have had no problems to speak of (dropouts don't shift/move). The ride is fantastic. I have recently gotten a custom fitted Serotta Ottrott ST as my shape and flexibility required. It is superior, but I still have my Look as a backup and enjoy it on shorter rides. The ride is comfortable, but more like Ti or steel than the muted/dead feel of the 120 OCLV Trek that I had before. Great handling and climbing. Seat post options are limited but the Look post is great. Very handsome bike!
No, yes, no, don't know . . .Look381i
Nov 2, 2003 11:33 AM
1. Never had the dropout move, and I change wheels and cassettes often.

2. I bought a Corima 25.0 to use for changing geometry to TT use when needed. Thomsons are made in my town, and I have suggested a 25.0 to no avail so far.

3. No headset issues at all, but mine is Cane Creek.

Mine has 14 months and nearly 7000 miles on it. Best bike I've had, all round -- comfort, weight, stiff BB, appearance. I run Campy Record. I suppose I'd buy another if I had any reason to. I think this one will last a good long time.

JaJa wouldn't lead us astray, would he?
re: Comment re: Look 381imy327vette
Nov 2, 2003 2:33 PM
I use a 25.0 American Classic seatpost on my 381i, and I am very happy with it.
re: Comment re: Look 381ijaybird
Nov 2, 2003 3:23 PM
2002 Kelme w/ Chorus & Ksyriums

1.My dropouts have not moved a bit.
2. I have the look and as far as I'm concerned, that is the last post I'll buy. I love the set back flexibility it gives. As posted above, you can get posts from American Clasic and Thomson.
3. I have cane creek also, no probs...

No probs, and I would certainly buy another. It is the most responsive cf bike I have ridden, I liked the feel of it over Calfee and Trek, but that may be that I just liked the geometry better.
re: Comment re: Look 381iBigFatSal
Nov 3, 2003 7:12 AM
I've only been riding this bike for a few months but here's my what I've found:

1.) No trouble with the adjustable dropouts. I've taken them off and re-installed with Loctite on the screw threads. No trouble at all although in my opinion and for my use they're not necessary but since I've had no trouble then it's a non-issue...

2.) I use the Look seatpost. It's a bit awkward getting it first set-up but once it's dialed in it's totally fine. No slippage, good looks...

3.) No problems with the headset.

I love the ride, the geometry, the handling, the aesthetics. It's got a bit of a springy feel versus a hard feel that some other CF bikes have. I have zero complaints (although it's got an awful lot of Look website decals all over it - kinda feels like a rolling advertisement sometimes!). All in all, I personally feel that it's a well-designed, well-crafted machine.