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Zipp Marketing Will Love This. .No Decals Rant!(21 posts)

Zipp Marketing Will Love This. .No Decals Rant!davidxy
Nov 1, 2003 4:04 PM
I think some manufacturers go overboard with stickers and stuff. I mean, I paid for the product and then they want to get free advertising out of you.
It appears wheel makers are the worst offenders. .Such as Mavic, with their Ksyrium decals, and Zipp like in my picture. They are so outlandish. It's like they are trying to compete with the frameset or something. Besides, I like to be not obvious about what components are on my bike and what I may've spent on them. Some dummies where I ride think it's a contest. Anyway. .Maybe I'm just strange.
re: Zipp Marketing Will Love This. .No Decals Rant!davidxy
Nov 1, 2003 4:11 PM
OOps. . Forgot to paste URL.
those wheels are so lite than the decals....Bruno S
Nov 1, 2003 8:10 PM
those wheels are so lite than the decals may have an structural purpose. You should have thought about that before ripping them off.
re: Zipp Marketing Will Love This. .No Decals Rant!yeah right
Nov 1, 2003 11:23 PM
i'm not one to typically going around trying to bust people's balls, but let me get this straight, you're worried about the wheels?

your whole bike is a marketing ploy.

i've never seen a bike with three labels on the toptube, and the maker,s name on the side of the headtube before, so no, i'd say imho willer doesn't know how to make a good looking frame.

the only thing rediculous about zipp stickers is that they charge you $14 to have a new set if you want to replace them if they get beat up.
The bike looks great without the Zipp stickers...AJS
Nov 2, 2003 6:17 AM
...but as others have said, some of those "Wilier" frame stickers ought to go too. It's WAY too much, IMO.

Why does a bike need more than 1 mfg logo on each side? More than that looks tacky.
I can't believe...fasteddie
Nov 1, 2003 4:38 PM
you're complaining about wheel decals. How many are plastered on your frame? IMO frames are by far the worst when it comes to self-promotion. Take a look at your own bike....
I can't believe...AllUpHill
Nov 1, 2003 4:50 PM
I agree with the original poster. Wheel decals, at least on Zipps, are more offensive than the worst frames. The 6 huge and 2 small decals per wheel on my 404s are unbelievably conspicuous and egregious. I'm really not sure why I leave them on. Maybe if they were in milder blue and grey colors or such they'd be ok, but the red/white is too much.
I can't believe...davidxy
Nov 1, 2003 5:15 PM
There are a few on there I could without, however, the lables on my bike are not plastered on decals. They are actually thick, and put under a clear coat. Addionally, they are also for safety. Yes, when lights shine on them in the dark, the reflect.
Wilier makes a beautiful frameset. . .
I can't believe...fasteddie
Nov 1, 2003 8:54 PM
valid point about the quality of decals vs. frame labels. Wheel labels seem to invariably become at least partially loose and look like crap. Nevertheless, I think my C40 has 11 Colnagos, 2 b-stays and an E. Colnago signature. Every higher end bike I've seen seems to have 10-14 frame labels, just too many for my taste no matter how nicely it's done.
... squeezing every dime from a dollar...Akirasho
Nov 1, 2003 5:14 PM
... 'tis true that logos can sometimes overpower a product, I'm guessing that it is an outgrowth of market shares... protecting and growing said.

Never before has the consumer been offered so many choices... which can be good... but it also means that, aside from offering a quality product at an acceptable price, that a maker must solidify it's position in it's industry (note all the carbon fiber whizz bang now flooding the market... ZIPP no longer makes cranks or frames). Having a great product is not enough (Beta was arguably better than VHS... TI actually had a better PC (not the 99 4A) than IBM in the mid nineties... but both seem to have lost in the marketing war). You also have to garner a market base.

When I was young, images on clothing were generally of cultural icons (anyone remember Monster T shirts?)... but now, you're paying for logos and recognition (swoops and stripes and stylized letters... oh my). I don't buy specifically for name brand recognition... but sometimes it's hard to avoid (while not impossible, it's hard to find plain canvas gym shoes).

With all that said, I don't have too much problems with wheels... after all... if you keep moving, the decals kinda disappear. It is interesting however, to note how virtually any space on a mass produced frame that is flat enough to support it... becomes a billboard for the maker (including the ubiquitous

As for advertizing the product for free... it reminds me of the little placard most auto dealers affix to the back of that big and shiny... few of us consider that a deal breaker. Logos are everywhere (grocery bags, clothing, drink cups and bags from fast food chains, images on the very computer you're using to access this site) and while more invasive than ever... have been so, in this current form for at least a century (sometimes sublte, sometimes outlandish)...

Lastly,I guess it's a matter of taste... just like some paint schemes. I like my HED Alps, but the decals were just too cheesy... And, while I'm not exactly trying to one up anyone, I don't mind folks knowing what's what.

Be the bike.
Hey Akirasho is that Poinsetta Red on the Klein?jmr986
Nov 3, 2003 9:38 AM
...yup (nm)Akirasho
Nov 3, 2003 12:52 PM
Be the bike.
I would not peel the stickers off my wheels.the bull
Nov 1, 2003 6:36 PM
I like to sell them before I completely wear them out and the fetch twice the dollar with the stickers on there for some reason.
Cover the frame with the wheel decals...lyleseven
Nov 1, 2003 7:47 PM
Maybe he could put some of the wheel decals on the frame to cover up so many of the manufacturer's ads! I think this frame wins for most decals or advertising over all others. Anyone out there have more on their bike??????
No wonder he is tring to take some off the wheels.the bull
Nov 1, 2003 8:26 PM
That thing is a rolling decal as it is!
Before you go overboard take the logos off your carSprint-Nick
Nov 1, 2003 10:46 PM
You guys are going fricking overboard. Why not just take the logos off your car? Our society is based on brand recognition which means name brands on clothing and any other product out there... its something that you rebelling by taking stickers off wheels, frames, bike components won't change.

And although some of you complain about logos theres another radical group of bike geeks who would complain far more if you took them off. Maybe you should start a GenERIC Shimano... ShimERIC? Or file an anti-trust lawsuit against ALL companies who place their brand name on a product without making it easy to take off.

Wait now I guess I'm going overboard.

My annoyed 2 cents,
They do or did....divve
Nov 2, 2003 12:48 AM some point in time it was the big thing in Europe to order your Mercedes without the model number on the trunk lid.
Shimeric? Limerick? LOL!AJS
Nov 2, 2003 6:21 AM
I get your point, but dude let's face it: that Wilier frame has WAY too much advertising on it, as do many other bikes and components out there.

I say we all boycott anything with more than 1 (small) logo attached!
Cry me a river.cydswipe
Nov 1, 2003 9:25 PM
Cripes, listen to you guys go on about the stickers on your thousand dollar+ wheelsets, I wish I had your problems. Those Zipps are worth more than my bike.
I yank'em all off, too nmDougSloan
Nov 3, 2003 10:03 AM
...but you'll go blind doing that....LOL nmcollectorvelo
Nov 3, 2003 1:35 PM