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Help out Eddie B... his house burned down(12 posts)

Help out Eddie B... his house burned downbigdave
Oct 30, 2003 7:14 PM
The CA fires claimed the house of legendary US Cycling Coach Eddie Borysewicz. Bad mojo, so lend a hand roadies:
Doesn't he have insurance ???????????MR_GRUMPY
Oct 31, 2003 6:21 AM
What about all the other houses that burned down?????
Oct 31, 2003 6:51 AM
But the problem that seems so prevalent out there is that property values have skyrocketed so fast that hardly anyone has their homes insured for actual value anymore.

Not defending them, it's still pretty stupid.

But what I don't get is that Eddie B KNEW the fires were in the area and KNEW that his home was in peril and KNEW that he house was full of all this priceless memorabilia, why was it still ALL lost?

Sad, indeed, but come on, he should have been a little more ready than he was.

What I found pretty amazing is hearing about the one subdivision where every single house burned down except one. And at that one, the owner had spent $30,000 on his own firefighting equipment.

Why would anybody, in their right mind. not insure....MR_GRUMPY
Oct 31, 2003 7:15 AM
their house for the full replacement value ? Sure, I save a few bucks by not covering my lot itself, but what would it take to destroy a lot. A meteor or an atomic weapon ?
Why would anybody, in their right mind. not insure....oldbutslow
Oct 31, 2003 2:33 PM
You obviously don't live in the so cal area. Prices have rocketed of late, especially in the mountain areas. Additionally, contractor rates have gone up right along with housing prices. If an individual did not update his policy within the last 6 - 8 mos, he is screwed.

If you don't want to give, don't. Soapboxes are not req'd.
hardly anyone???mohair_chair
Oct 31, 2003 7:42 AM
I'd love to know your basis for your claim that hardly anyone has their homes insured for actual value. I don't believe that's true.

Just because your property value skyrockets, it doesn't mean the value of your house does. (The house value certainly doesn't move at the same rate.) You don't usually insure land, and certainly not with fire insurance. You insure the structures on the land, which normally consist of a small percentage of the property value. If you build a $200,000 house on a $1 million lot, you only insure the $200,000 house, not the total $1.2 million value of the property. If you are smart, and presumably you are if you have a $1.2 million property, you insure the house for replacement value.

I feel sad for Eddie B's loss, but if he was underinsured and unprepared, he's a fool. Asking others for money takes incredible balls. Before you send a check, consider that he is eligible for federal disaster assistance, low-cost federal loans, plus the Red Cross and other private organizations will give him money and support. He doesn't need your money, and he doesn't deserve it either.

Send your check instead to the Novato fire department, in memory of Steven Rucker, the fire fighter who died and Doug McDonald, Barrett Smith, and Shawn Kreps, other members of the same crew who were severely injured. Those guys were hundreds of miles from home. Send your check instead to the Cuyamaca Volunteer Fire Station, where every member of the crew lost their home, while they were out trying to save their neighbor's homes, and still are. These are people worthy of your thoughts and charity.
My basis: as reported on the news.Asiago
Oct 31, 2003 7:45 AM
I didn't do any research myself, this is just what has been reported.

Wasn't defending them. Said it was stupid.

Using your logicMel Erickson
Oct 31, 2003 8:58 AM
Why should we send money to the firefighters or their departments? Weren't they insured? Shouldn't they have been? Aren't they eligible for the same assistance as Eddie B.? Besides, they made a conscious decision to be a firefighter, knowing the risks. Maybe Eddie B. was out helping fight fires too.

It's all so silly. I'm in no way critisizing the firefighters. I'm just trying to point out your incongruous logic. The man has done a tremendous amount for cycling in the US and he wasn't even born here. To the best of my knowledge he hasn't asked for any help. So what if he was underinsured (and that's a mighty big speculation). Many insurance policies have clauses that limit coverage for a variety of things. Wouldn't surprise me at all that they would limit coverage for wild fires in an area very prone to them.

Give the guy a break. Make up your own mind about sending him a check but don't diss him for things you have no knowledge of whatsoever. BTW, I posted a message from below which talked about his loss and possible contributions.
Oct 31, 2003 9:29 AM
You are right, I don't have knowledge of his situation. All I have to go on is the website that someone set up for him, which seems to be a close friend of his. The website specifically says he was underinsured and it specifically asks for donations, so this is not speculation on my part. If this isn't sanctioned by Eddie B., someone should tell him so he can put a stop to it.

It's entirely possible that someone, maybe the Nigerians, are running a scam. And no, that's not a joke. It's way too early for Eddie B. to know if he was underinsured or not. Has he even talked to his agent? Has he talked to a builder? Maybe he wants to rebuild, but build a smaller place than he had, which costs less. Or maybe he doesn't even want to rebuild, and your money is just cash in his pocket.

Plus, there is the erroneus assumption that no other kinds of funds will become available to him. He may qualify for up to $25,000 in grants from FEMA, which do not have to be repaid. The Red Cross will provide food, water, and shelter. Plus, he can write off the casualty loss on his income tax, which should mean a large refund. And then there's low-cost loans. And so on. He doesn't need your money, certainly not right now.
Now that's more like it.Mel Erickson
Oct 31, 2003 1:36 PM
Those may all be good reasons not to give and I can't fault anyone for making their own judgements about what to do with their hard earned money. Personally, I like to keep it simple. Here's a guy who's given an awful lot to US cycling. He's just had virtually all his earthly possessions wiped out. He's probably feeling pretty bad. If my ten bucks makes him feel a little better it's money well spent. Just don't tell me he's not deserving.
he doesn't deserve it eitheroldbutslow
Oct 31, 2003 2:40 PM
God help your sorry soul if you ever need help.
website said he was underinsuredColnagoFE
Oct 31, 2003 9:07 AM
still...i'm guessing he was doing OK to have a nice house in southern CA. if he was underinsured it was likely fully paid for. when you have a mortgage they tend to insist on full coverage. nothing against eddy, but i think there might be better uses for one's $ as far as helping out victims of the fires.