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Road Mag(4 posts)

Road Magwooglin
Oct 30, 2003 6:49 PM
Sorry, couldn't find the old thread.

Picked this mag up at the bookstore today. Its the inaugural issue. Nice paper, good size, big pics and a sweet essay at the back. Those are the high points. The reviews would just fill a regular mag page, and there's no mention at all of the kind or duration of testing/riding they underwent or who actually did the review. The interview with Cipo covers a 6 page spread--more big pictures (but no captions), not much verbiage. Timeline of Raleigh bikes is kind of interesting, unless you happen to remember the International and Professional, which aren't mentioned. Apparently Techniums were a major breakthrough, though. Huh? Brief (very) outlines of the careers of the five 5 time winners of the tour, and briefer (three sentence) comments on various 04 components and such (again with no indication they've been ridden).

Haven't read the profile of Tina Mayolo-Pic yet. Hopefully saving the best for last. Won't be hard. Or the major spread on the USPS chiropractor (yawn). I hope these guys get it together. There's a gaping hole in roadie mags, and I'd love to see it filled. For now I'll stick to CycleSport and VeloNews, but I'll pick this mag up again in 3 or 4 issues. Just in case.

Summary: glitz and glam, not grit and guts. Got ads?

And a brief note on me: I'm not too grouchy, but I'm definitely retro. I liked Winning mag, when I could get it.
re: Road Mag - Iliked it and we need more magazinescollectorvelo
Oct 31, 2003 3:14 AM
I like ROAD magazine; all the articles and slick printing and pictures. I liked the Raleigh section too; wish they had pictued my old OrangeRed International. Product previews are alweays good - and the Two road tests -- Cannondale and Motobecane. I think is was interesting that they picked a $2600 Cannondale and a $2600 Motobecane; so it was easy to see what's different at that price range.

I hope they stay around and that we get even more road magazines - cars have so many magazines and motorcycles - and look how many boat magazines there are!

I also hope more of 'our' magazines do more tests;
like shot-outs in Car and Driver
"we test ten Ultegra bikes from Trek, Motobecane, Specialized, Fuji, Felt, Bianchi, Litespeed, Cervelo, Mercier, Raleigh and giant" That would be great
(of course, in car and driver the BMW always wins - whats with that?)
Check out not retro oriented though. nmNo_sprint
Oct 31, 2003 8:51 AM
re: Road Maghawker12
Nov 1, 2003 5:01 PM
I too, thought this first issue was uneven. Maybe too much white space, unspectacular writing, and occasional bad grammer and editing. Or maybe it has foreign roots? Most of the measurments and weights are metric. I didn't think it was bad...just not great. And I think a Premier issue of anything ought to be real good.

Anyone remember Road Bike Action Magazine? Very well done in the mid nineties. However everything was all MTBs at the time and it only lasted about two years. In the eighties there was a magazine called Bicycle Guide. For the first three years or so it was great! Great articles, interviews, tests, photography...but then it was sold, some people left and it disolved into junk. Too bad.