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Help needed for former National coach(2 posts)

Help needed for former National coachMel Erickson
Oct 30, 2003 12:43 PM
The newsletter contained the following account and I thought this community might be interested in helping out.

Cyclists are quickly coming to the rescue of Eddie Borysewicz, whose home was destroyed this week by the horrific SouthernCalifornia fires.

The man called "Eddie B" was the world's top cycling coach
20 years ago when he led the U.S. team to 9 medals (4 gold)
in the 1984 Olympics.

He arrived from Poland in 1976 and soon became the U.S.
Cycling Federation's first national coaching director. The
instructional book Ed helped him write in 1985, Bicycling
Road Racing, was called the best in the English language.

Before escaping the fast-moving fire, Eddie, 64, as able to
save only a few of the awards, medals, trophies and photos
from his long career as a rider and coach. He has the
memories, but much of his tangible history is in ashes.

He's down, but not out.

Says Kathleen Clinton, a rider Eddie currently coaches,
"He is floored by the outpouring of support from the cycling
community. He was just about in tears when I told him of the
response we are getting from [pro roadies] like Gord Fraser,
Mike McCarthy and even Lance.

"More touching than that is the response from people who
are giving very small amounts of money, but that's all they
can spare. It really means a lot!"

Kathleen says Eddie's insurance isn't enough to cover
rebuilding costs. She's spearheading a drive for donations.

Let's go, roadies!

Eddie B's leadership took U.S. cycling from the third tier
to the top level of international competition. Now this good
man needs our help.

A $100 donation from RBR is on the way. Please join us.
Mail whatever size check you can (payable to "Eddie
Borysewicz") to:

Eddie B Recovery Fund
c/o Kathleen Clinton
7301C Alicante Road
Carlsbad, Ca 92009

To make a donation by credit card using PayPal and see
20 pictures of Eddie and his devastated home (Kathleen's
husband Mitch is a pro photographer) click:
Thanks for the info Mel, I just sent $10 nmDave Hickey
Oct 30, 2003 1:32 PM