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Daft Idea or Not?(3 posts)

Daft Idea or Not?Saddle_Sore
Oct 30, 2003 1:46 AM
Heard somewhere that if you are worried about water getting into your frame (probably not applicable if you ride a carbon or exotic alloy frame) then you should run a bead of clear silicon sealing agent around your seat stem.

Anyone else heard of / tried this?

Riding in the UK, getting water-logged is a nightly occurrence at the moment and I'll try anything to try and extend the life of my winter chromoly frame :|
Not a bad idea, butismellcabbage
Oct 30, 2003 7:01 AM
You don't want to trap moisture in either. Store your bike where it is dry and has good air circulation. If it was that big of a concern to me I would remove the seat post when not riding. I think sweat on your head set is a bigger problem than rain.
dr wieglersChazWicked
Oct 30, 2003 9:12 AM
i may be wrong on the spelling but dr Weigler's frame saver is an excellent idea. It's a corrosion protection that is sprayed *inside* the frame so it doesn't rust from the inside.

I'll literally dig out mud from the bb shell when I adjust or replace it. Your idea is reasonable but I'd consider a different approach. I doubt that the frame/seatpost interface is a significant source of water. I'll instead guess that the top of the seatpost (if it's an open design) could introduce plenty of water.

Make sure the drain holes are clear and store the bike somewhere dry and warm. Removing the seatpost isn't a bad idea but might be more effort than you're inclined to do.

Framesaver... use the framesaver. I have a 8 year old frame that's still going strong. It's a light < 4 lb 853 mtn bike frame. Sycip btw.