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San Antonio Express News(2 posts)

San Antonio Express NewsPon
Oct 29, 2003 5:46 PM
The following two letters were printed today in the San Antonio Express News. The second letter is hard to believe.

First Letter: "Cyclists need safe paths:
A good fried and wonderful family man died last week on the roads of Castroville. David Simpson's death was not just an accident - it was a tragedy that could have been avoided if ciy leaders had any foresight.
Most major cities have bike paths in several areas. We live off Interstate 10, and a biking contingency invades the access roads as most of us are trying to get home. Yes, sometimes it is annoying, but it is not the cyclists' fault that they have few places to ride.
Simpson was one of those cyclists until he got hit in the face by a beer bottle, causing him to wreck near Leon Springs. the driver did not even stop to help. david took that as a warning and rode on less-traveled roads, which led him to Catroville, where he met his death.
If San Antonians cannot leard to drive safely with cyclists (history shows they can't), then cyclists must be offered a safe path. A portion of I-10 has a railroad path that runs parallel to the highway. Converted, it would offer a safer bike path, leaving the access roads to angry drivers.
This city needs to step into the 21st century and do something right for its citizenry." - AAP

Second letter: "Bikers jsut don't care:
My husband was buried Oct. 11 at River Bend Road Insall Cemetery. The road was closed to traffic. Cars lined both sides of a single lane.
A bunch of bicyclists came barging through, pushed people out of the way and hit some instead of turning back to show respect for the dead and the people attending the service.
They just didn't care. they went through, no matter who was hurt. No wonder they aren't looked upon as nice people." - ES
re: San Antonio Express Newsutxjohne
Oct 29, 2003 7:05 PM
San Antonio is backward as most of Texas in consideration of cyclist. Too many macho redneck truck drivers. I grew up cycling in San Antonio and later in Houston and now consider cycling through Manahattan a cake walk.