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new Surly touring bike frame: 'Long Haul Trucker'(15 posts)

new Surly touring bike frame: 'Long Haul Trucker'JS Haiku Shop
Oct 29, 2003 11:18 AM
sorry if this is a repost. anybody seen this? sounds like a brevet machine. very well thought-out. wonder how much $?

Long chain stays and a laid back head angle provide a comfy platform for day after day after day in the saddle. It's got 3 sets of water bottle cage bosses. It's got braze-ons for car-rying a couple of extra spokes. It's got braze-ons for front and rear racks. The head tube is taller on top to help put you in a more upright position and save strain on your neck, back, shoulders, wrists and elbows. The bigger sizes take 700c wheels, while the smaller frames are designed for 26" wheels so they fit without toe overlap or compromised handling.

Like all Surlys, it sports practical, standard sizing for things like seatpost, front derailleur, and stem. It even sports downtube shifter braze-ons. All this means you can easily find new parts for it or use stuff you already have.
The Long Haul Trucker isn't the bike that everyone is going to have. It isn't the next big thing. It won't race like a champ or scream down rocky singletrack. It isn't about
impressing your friends. It's a tool for finding out what you are capable of inside.

Tubing: 100% Surly 4130 cro-moly steel, main triangle double-butted
Rear dropouts: Vertical, 135mm
Brake compatibility: Linear pull or cantilever
Braze-ons: Upper bosses and dropout eyelets for racks front and rear; fender eyelets;
chainstay spare spoke holder; pump peg; downtube lever bosses; 3 sets of H 2 O cage bosses;
rear housing stop for canti brakes; housing stops for brakes and derailleurs
Seatpost diameter: 27.2mm
Seatpost clamp diameter: 30mm. Surly Constrictor™ included
Headset: 1-1/8" threadless
Front Derailleur Clamp Diameter: 28.6mm
Bottom bracket shell: 68mm wide, 1.37 x 24t
Chainring clearance: 42/53t double, 38/52/56t triple
Fork: 4130 cro-moly, lugged and brazed, tapered curved blade w/ lowrider rack eyelet
Sizes available: 42cm, 46cm, 50-62cm even sizes
Color: Sage Green
Weight: 58cm frame = 5.15 lbs. (2.34 kg) Fork - uncut = 2.25 lbs. (1.02 kg)
Long Haul Trucker Frameset
Wheel Size Wheel Base S.O. Height** HT Length
cool thanks... wonder how much $ (nm)Frith
Oct 29, 2003 11:46 AM
looking at Aebike, probably $430 for frame/fork. nm2melow
Oct 29, 2003 3:57 PM
re: new Surly touring bike frame: 'Long Haul Trucker'gtx
Oct 29, 2003 11:52 AM
Sounds cool. They should consider doing a stage race frame--not too far from the Pacer in terms of geometry, but compact and with normal reach brakes and no eyelets. A conventional geared hardtail mtb frame would be cool, too.
That's not what Surly is all about...biknben
Oct 29, 2003 1:52 PM
At a time when the industry just bombards us with techno wizardry, Surly pumps out a very simple product that is adequate for the masses at a fair price. If I listened to the big manufacturers, I'd have to go out and buy a different bike for each day of the week. I'd need this bike for crits, that bike for tris, another for hills, one more for flats, rough roads, rainy days, etc. Then I'd need 3 sets of wheels for each one.

Honestly, I think the Surly guys are a bunch of cross-dressing, beer swilling, wierdos but I appreciate what they are doing. They are gaining a cult-like following by not trying to compete with the bigger guys. They are simply providing what the other companies think isn't worthwhile. There's no need for another geared hardtail MTB or road race frame. Surly is after a smaller slice of the pie and it works for them.

biknben "Cross-Check owner" :-)
Surly is owned by QBPgtx
Oct 29, 2003 2:22 PM
Hardly iconoclastic, though perhaps such products would go against the Surly brand image. But at the moment as far as I can tell no one else is offering cheap steel hardtail or road race frames. Making frames out of steel is weird enough these days. ;)
Weird...just saw that and thought of youSpecialTater
Oct 29, 2003 12:19 PM
browsing the site looking at cross check specs. think $855 is too much for a 03 'check? Have the urge for a cross/winter bike.
Weird...just saw that and thought of yourussw19
Oct 29, 2003 1:53 PM
It's too much... I can get that for you for $725 plus shipping if you really want one.

$725 for a crosscheck?velocity
Oct 29, 2003 2:42 PM
Where? For way too long I'd coveted a crosscheck as my all-arounder. Instead finally built up an even funkier beater using an old steel frame and old parts. Looking at the latest catalog find myself yearning for the Long Haul Trucker and the Pacer...
$725 for a crosscheck?russw19
Oct 29, 2003 6:46 PM
Where? thru me. If you want one, I can get it to you for that much. $725 plus shipping for the 03 crosscheck.. fully built. I am not trying to step on the toes of any shops in your area, but for RBR's who can't get a better deal, I can get this one for you. There is a small catch... about 2 week (10 working day) turnaround time. The reason, I would have to order the bike, have it shipped to where I work, build it, then repack and reship to you. If you are interested, email me at russw19atgrudotcom. I am not looking to be an online dealer or anything like that, but for RBR people who want a good deal... I could offer that to them.

I want one!tmguy
Oct 30, 2003 8:36 AM
Just sent you an e-mail at Got bounced! Please give contact info. or e-mail me directly
whoops wrong addyrussw19
Oct 30, 2003 1:25 PM
Should be russw19@gru.NET.... sorry... but I will email you in a second anyways...

Me, too! n/mfracisco
Oct 29, 2003 3:06 PM
I'm not convinced that loaded touring bikes...Lon Norder
Oct 29, 2003 5:27 PM
make good brevet bikes. I have a Trek 520 and it carries a heavy load really well, but the ride feels heavy and sluggish compared to my road bike. I'm going to try it with a lighter wheelset (Ultegra/Open Pro) and see if that makes a difference. I'm thinking of riding London-Edinburgh-London in '05 and it would be nice to have a bike that accepts fenders and a rear rack.
Nice bike ...KeeponTrekkin
Oct 29, 2003 8:15 PM
I use my MBK Grand Touring as my commuter and 'round towner. It's a lot like this. I ride the MBK more miles than my Trek 5500.

I'm planning to try brevets next year. For the shorter ones, I think I'll take the Trek with a big saddlebag or a hip/waist pack. If I were doing long distances, unsupported, no bag drops, etc. I'd probably take the MBK.