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Human G / Abici(4 posts)

Human G / AbiciCARBON110
Oct 29, 2003 11:03 AM
Hey guys, still workn on my comp...having many upgrades so its a little rough right now.

Anyway, I wanted to invite you both out here for the end of August to race the Green Mtn Stage Race. I will pay for your stay/bike wheels/food etc but you have to get the plane ticket and race fee which isnt much since Jet Blue flies into both our cities. Feel free to bring a team mate or friend...hope you take me up on it since its an epic race that will only grow...not to mention they do a terrific job

All my best to you both

re: Human G / AbiciThe Human G-Nome
Oct 29, 2003 12:58 PM
hey C110... i responded to your email. i'm definitely interested and just have to figure out whether i'll have time/resources to pull it off. thanks again!

Hey Jeremyabicirider
Oct 29, 2003 3:12 PM
Hey thank you for the offer sounds like a great time I'm in the same boat as Human G right now my head is spinning 900 miles an hour the guys in southern CA called on Monday they want me to try to get out here ASAP so now I'm shooting for around the second week of Nov what a mess but a good mess frantic. I will email you sounds like you have chosen Vermont over SF are you in vermont for good or are you comong back to ashville.
Take care and be safe out on the roads!!!!!
Ray Still
Email uscfmasters or
Thanks Guys........CARBON110
Oct 30, 2003 11:00 AM
Im in Vermont for a little while. Still trying to decide on what to do but I am definitely leaving Asheville for awhile. I just had that overwhelming undeniable thought that another car/bike accident was inevitable there. To many close calls since June. I am debating on keeping an apartment there just so I can get off the trainer for 10 days a month to ride outside (if I stay in VT) but other then that...hey forget about it ah ! Im keeping my peak races which are mostly southeastern races the same there and since I traveled all over the North East I will do the same in the south for races.
I would really like to do some Cali races or some racing in the west. But Vermont has bike lanes as large as some roads in NC. In anycase Im coming out to SF regardless of whether I stay in VT or not. Feel free to invite friends and team mates and my offer will stand until the race itself so dont forget about it. You can take me up on it anytime. Ray lets cement our plans for interbike next year for sure. You both have offered me a place to stay and Javier offered me his place right before the SF race so I want to extend the same generousity to all of you.

My computer is up and down so if I dont respond try me here. I never got either of your emails LOL for some reason. Frackn windows ME suuucks ! So Im upgrading to XPPRO and Im backing up all my info on my comp so I can wipe it clean before I light it on fire or shoot it with a bazooka :)