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Couldn't believe I trashed my helmet so easily....(8 posts)

Couldn't believe I trashed my helmet so easily....bent_spoke
Oct 28, 2003 7:14 PM
I accidently knocked my helmut off the bqq where it was resting while I reached for something else. The helmut fell just 2.5 feet, hit the ground on the foam flap in the rear & cracked it off. I could believe that such a little impact could cause this to happen.

It made me feel like I should just go out & buy one of the cheaper coolers as crash didn't instill much confidence in this stuff. Luckily(?), I've gotten three seasons use out of it, so it could have been worse.

I noticed on my new Limar 105 that the protection in the rear doen't even come down that far. I guess they don't expect your head to impact at that point. Don't know why they bothered to begin with.
We could then hypothesizeCrankist
Oct 29, 2003 6:30 AM
that when done to medium/medium rare, all similar helmets will lose some of their crash protection properties as well.
Sorry to say, but I think mine is medium well....bent_spoke
Oct 29, 2003 8:17 PM
re: Helmets are not that strong, but they are light....hudsonite
Oct 29, 2003 7:10 AM
Most helmets sold today are very light and easy to wear. However, they are not going to protect your head in any serious crash. For example, you are riding along at 20mph and hit something head on with your head/helmet, you are going to be out of luck I am afraid.

They do their job when you fall off the bike at low speeds. But that is it. Any serious protection is going to start looking like a motorcycle helmet.

They are better than nothing and will save a lot head injuries, but you cannot expect a lightweight helmet to protect against any serious blows to the head.
They're plenty strong,TJeanloz
Oct 29, 2003 8:23 AM
Bicycle helmets are actually quite remarkable, and despite their light weight, are as good at protecting the head as they have ever been. No system is foolproof, but an approved helmet is a pretty good compromise.

Plenty of people, myself included, can attest to being hit by something at more than 20mph and had a helmet save their life.
re: Couldn't believe I trashed my helmet so easily....sweathog
Oct 29, 2003 7:40 AM
Modern helmets are essentially disposable, made for one use only (one crash, or one accident like yours), that's the tradeoff for the light weight. Just buy a new one, you are lucky you got 3 years. They are so cheap it hardly matters - you can get last year's top of the line models for $40 online, Nashbar for example, which is not to say the chichi ones aren't worth $200 - they are, but so are the cheap ones. I just got a Bell Solair from Nashbar for $15 and found it to be an excellent road helmet - I like it better than the more expensive ones I have had.
re: Couldn't believe I trashed my helmet so easily....MShaw
Oct 29, 2003 10:20 AM
It was about time to replace the helmet anyway... Every 3-5 years without a crash, or right away after a good digger.

Reason for light weightlyleseven
Oct 29, 2003 9:06 PM
The light weight of a helmet is a safety factor as well as one for comfort. If the helmet weighed much more it could have a negative effect in a collision if its weight forced the movement of your head beyond what a light helmet would permit. This could result in a broken neck and/or death. On the negative side of that formula is that a heavier helmet gives added protection (shock absorbtion) with a direct impact to ward off direct trauma to your head.