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gave him my game face and bumped him back...(1 post)

gave him my game face and bumped him back...Asiago
Oct 28, 2003 2:21 PM
From an interview on where is interviewing three US neo-pros... So, any brushes with the royalty of the peloton?

Larry Perera ( On the second lap at Lancaster I decided to move up through some of the finishing turns. I took the "take no prisoners" attitude that my team captain Adam Hodges-Myerson takes, and moved up through the corners not afraid to make some friends on the way. I was crusing, making up 10 and 20 places at a time, then all of a sudden this nasty looking guy all kitted up in CSC stuff bumped me and gave me the look over, and mumbled something in Italian. I looked into his eyes, gave him my game face and bumped him back. Then things went into slow motion, my mind began firing and I realized that it was Andrea Tafi, I was mixing it up with freaking Andrea Tafi! I nearly had a heart attack. I backed off a bit and followed his wheel through the next turn.

Too funny! Rest of the article here: