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Ebay and my credit card(11 posts)

Ebay and my credit cardcooperwright
Oct 28, 2003 1:51 PM
Ok - question - I'm going to buy a helmet off of Ebay (yes, I know the risks) and there's only one seller w/ the one that I want. It's at a good price for a Giro Eclipse, but I'm a little wary of the seller's payment requirement. The ad says he takes credit card only and that you can email or call his bike shop with the number. He's got good feedback from all of his buyers, but also took Paypal in his past auctions.
Does this sound suspicious to anyone, or has anyone dealt with him? I emailed him about the payment method, but haven't heard back.
re: Ebay and my credit card -- no no nobikeshopguy
Oct 28, 2003 2:11 PM
do not send you cc info like that. ebayer that are any good take PAYPAL

there are two real good bike ebayers
sprtymama and ediscountbike

but way not just get the helmet from your LBS and make sure it fits etc??
re: Ebay and my credit card -- no no nocooperwright
Oct 28, 2003 2:18 PM
I'm normally a supporter of my LBS (or semi-LBS since the closest one I like is 2 hours away), but this is a pretty good price. I already know that this is the size I need since I've already tried this helmet on and know I have a tiny head.

It's strange that the seller has taken Paypal on other recent auctions, but won't on any current ones.

I'm definitely not going to be sending my cc to anyone.
my .02bc165
Oct 28, 2003 2:38 PM
This guy has some negative feedback and I see that a number of sales were with the same party. I wouldn't give this guy my credit card number... he doesn't look like a real business. Ask him if he'll take another form of payment. Let us know how it goes...
i'm not taking a chance...cooperwright
Oct 28, 2003 2:51 PM
I emailed him earlier today to ask about other forms of payment and haven't heard back - so that's enough of an answer for me. Sounds like a good deal on my helmet, but paying full price is worth not having my credit card stolen!

Just needed some validation that it was fishy...
re: Ebay and my credit cardDERICK
Oct 28, 2003 2:54 PM
Offer to pay the Pay-Pal fees. Some sellers just get tired of loosing a percent of their sales to Pay-Pal and won't take it. If he refuses that then forget it.
took a chance after allcooperwright
Oct 28, 2003 6:55 PM
He replied to my inquiries about 15 min before the end of the auction and seems more legit now... gave me the name and number of the shop, is open to other payments, etc. I went ahead and got the helmet and if I get burned I get burned. It's $25, not worth freaking out about.
yeah, but he would lose a % to the CC company anyways...russw19
Oct 28, 2003 8:59 PM
True, but not nearly as much NMDERICK
Oct 29, 2003 4:19 AM
re: Ebay and my credit cardinnergel
Oct 28, 2003 3:09 PM
If he'll give you the name and location of the shop, you could always do a bit of independant research to make sure he's actually a shop. You should be able to track him down via or something like that.

I agree with whoever said he may not want to lose the Paypal fees to this auction. With the low price, the CC processor taking a % and Paypal taking another %, that cuts the guys already tight margin pretty close. An offer to pay the fees is a reasonable alternative.
I eat out once or twice a week.the bull
Oct 28, 2003 4:53 PM
I give them my credit card and they could copy the number as I wait to leave.
If something ever did happen I could dispute it.
Just food for thought.