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Defaced Trek(6 posts)

Defaced TrekIDH2
Oct 27, 2003 6:10 PM
O.K., forgive me, but I wanted to post a pic of my bike after all of my attempts to personalize it. It's an '04 5200 ... my first "off the shelf" bike and I've had a harder time dealing with that than expected :) I must also apologize for not cleaning it up before immortalizing it here on roadbike review - I bought a new camera today, my first digital, and I couldn't resist snapping a few off...despite the rain and dreary skies that have kept me indoors.
oops - scale is something I should also work on - nmIDH2
Oct 27, 2003 6:12 PM
What's with the Foes Racing decal?dgangi
Oct 27, 2003 6:39 PM
Foes Racing makes fantastic downhill bomber bikes -- the antithesis of the Trek 5200 bike in your photo. I highly doubt you have a Foes downhill fork on that bike! What's with the Foes decal?

IDH2....or should I say...IDH2
Oct 27, 2003 6:58 PM
I DH also... The decal is my way of bridging the gap. I have a Foes DH Mono that I love to ride, a steel hardtail that gets a lot of attention, and first road bike that is turning into somewhat of an obsession for me. While I'm at it, let me pre-apologize for all of the stupid questions I will be asking over the coming months :)
Oct 27, 2003 7:06 PM
Cool - I think you are the first person I have run into who is a downhiller that is also into road biking. Most MTB guys I know who also ride a road bike are XC guys who ride the road bike to get stronger for the XC racing circuit.

Foes Racing make *sweet* products. I'm not a DH guy myself (XC geek), but if I was going to get a DH bike I would certainly get something from Foes Racing. One of my friends has a Fly - way cool bike!!

You'll probably get a lot of blank stares from the lycra-wearing roadie crowd when they see the Foes decal. Just like I never heard of Fondreist or Calfee before getting into road biking, most hard-core roadies I know have no clue about the boutique MTB brands...unless they make a road frame (like Titus). I think we can all rest assured that Brent Foes will *never* make a road frame!!

Thanks Doug...IDH2
Oct 27, 2003 7:18 PM
I just like riding bikes...dh, xc,'s all fun and as you pointed out, riding road has already improved my mtb experience. I am a man of great internal conflict, but that's another story altogether :) Anyway, the fly is probably my next bike...the dh thing has already claimed too many bones and having recently moved to an area with few dh options, a nice "fr" bike like the fly would be sweet. Most of my dh friends also ride road btw - I run w/ a pretty serious crowd and there's not as much difference between "us and them" as some would's silly and artificial really.