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San Francisco Velo Swap Question(7 posts)

San Francisco Velo Swap QuestionJive Turkey
Oct 27, 2003 7:01 AM
Is this event really a good chance to find some great deals. More specifically, I am looking to find a solid road bike. Is this a good place to look, or is it more of product convention?
if it's like the Denver one then yesColnagoFE
Oct 27, 2003 8:00 AM
Got my wife a road bike and a couple pair of running shoes this last weekend. Bargains everywhere but I resisted buying for myself. I could have spent a fortune there. At the Denver swap there were a pretty good mix of private individuals, reps and bike stores selling stuff. One better know the market and EXACTLY what you are looking for. This isn't the place for a beginner to get his/her first bike. Know the prices and exactly what you need and you won't get ripped off.
re: San Francisco Velo Swap Questionlyleseven
Oct 27, 2003 8:24 AM
When is it?
Just attended my first Denver Veloswapterry b
Oct 27, 2003 8:25 AM
And I think the the answer is a qualified "yes." I went without a strategy, next time I plan on having a mental list of specific stuff I want. Prices varied from great to average to "you're kinnding, right." If you're a regular internet shopper, you have an idea of what to expect.

I bought two slightly used Fizik Pave saddles for $10 each - typically I pay 20ish used on eBay and up to 40 for new. Also bought two brand new end of life Cateye Cordless 2 computers for $15 each. Cheapest new on eBay is $30.

Looked long and hard at a couple of Pinarello Prince SLs being sold by a Prime Alliance rider. I thought they were a little steep. But not so steep that it stopped me from going back and looking 4 times. In the end I passed because for that price I could build a brand new custom from any number of custom builders (my current mental project.)

Lots of bikes to choose from, but you really need to know how the price compares to what you can do yourself buying online.

My favorite moment - went by the Shimano tent to look at DA 2004. Was chatting with the tech rep and told him I thought the crankset was very nice (I'm among the few that doesn't think it's ugly.) He was so pleased to hear it that he gave me a nice Shimano lapel pin - 5 yellow jerseys and a Dura Ace label.

I enjoyed yet despite my meager pickings. Plan on making it an annual outing.
Just attended my first Denver Veloswapridenc
Oct 27, 2003 9:21 AM
Were there any dealers in particualr offering good deals on bikes? I plan on attending the swap in NC this weekend and I am in need of a new road bike.
you really have to go in with an agendaColnagoFE
Oct 27, 2003 9:37 AM
If you don't know how much something costs you are gonna be at a disadvantage. You also have to be willing to spend a long time looking around. The Denver event was huge and very crowded. You'd have to spend all day there to see everything. Know what you are looking for before you go and single out vendors that sell that kind of thing. This isn't really an event where you are going to get any kind of customer service. The bike I bought was "as is" and didn't include any after-purchase tuneups or the like. Most stuff is sold "as is" and refunds are not a possibility if you get it home and find out it doesn't fit. Could be an expensive mistake for an uneducated buyer.
Just attended my first Denver Veloswapterry b
Oct 27, 2003 9:57 AM
I'd say almost all the bikes being offered were by private parties - very few "dealers" there as far as I could see. If you're going to be successful, I'd recommend spending some time on eBay searching for the kind of bike you have in mind in order to develop an idea of what is a reasonable price. There were some people offering good deals and there were (many) people who were deluded in what they were asking.

I only spent about 2 hours, too hot and too many people for my taste. But then, I'm a speed shopper and only take time only on things that catch my eye. As I didn't have a list of things I was looking for, not a lot jumped out at me and I did not spend any time searching through clothing which made up much of the offerings. Also, a large portion of the stuff being offered was for MTB, which I had no interest in. A lot of stuff was junk, so I didn't stop for it either. If there are teams offering stuff, you might get lucky (got my saddles from the Navigators) and if there are distributors present, they might be offering good deals (like my Cateyes.)