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Questions about Phoenix area rides, etc ....(4 posts)

Questions about Phoenix area rides, etc ....Live Steam
Oct 25, 2003 8:03 PM
Me and the Mrs. are heading to North Phoenix to visit her sister for the holidays and to look at the possibility of relocating to the greater Phoenix area. We're staying between E Union Hills Dr. and the 101 near N 32nd Street. I am considering mailing one of my bikes out ahead of time so I can get some rides in during the 10 day stay. In lieu of this, is there a shop that I can rent a decent road bike from in the area? Does anyone know of a group ride I could hook up with on weekends? Where is a good place for me to explore on my own? I was thinking South Mountain Park. Any suggestions are really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PS What kind of riding conditions can I expect regarding the weather?
re: Questions about Phoenix area rides, etc ....babyhuey77
Oct 25, 2003 9:29 PM
I perosnally do not know of any place to rent a road bike in the Phoenix area. In response to the other questions. I believe that you will be staying near Paradise Valley, there is lots of good riding around this area and Phoenix in general. There is or used to be a ride that left from Shea Blvd. and Scottsdale road, this is the BOS ride. There are also lots of great riding in the South end of town, in the Ahwatukee area. On Sundays, there is a ride that leaves from Honeywell on Warner road and goes around South Mountain. Generally, it is a causual warm up for the first 15-20 minutes and then splits off into three pacelines. Check out for a list of all the clubs in the area. FYI, all you will need for clothing is shorts and a jersey and some arm and knee warmers, and maybe a light wind best if you are riding early in the morning. There is a lot of places to ride, it all really plans of how much, hard, fast you want to go. If I can be of anymore help please let me know.

re: Questions about Phoenix area rides, etc ....dgangi
Oct 26, 2003 5:01 AM
Hey - you are going to be in the same "general" part of town that I live. There are 2 really great bike shops in North Phoenix that I frequent:

TommyO Bikes (
Bicycle Showcase (

TommyO is run by a hard-core rider. The shop has a group schedule that goes out almost every day. The owner is Tommy Osborne and he is a really great guy. He's the kind of shop owner that can talk to you for hours about biking, even if you aren't going to buy anything from him.

Bicycle Showcase has 2 locations: 32 St and Cactus is the closest to you and is run by Kevin. Kevin has been in the area for a long time and can hook you up with various rides.

You will be very close to the "Sonoran Bikeway" -- also known as Cave Creek Road. One great ride is a loop to the town of Carefree/Cave Creek. From where you are a loop out and back would be about 50 miles. But once you get north out of town, there are all sorts of scenic rides you can take.

South Mountain has some nice areas to explore. You don't want to skip North Scottsdale (a loop out to Fountain Hills via Rio Verde is nice). And there are loops through Paradise Valley/Biltmore/Arcadia you will want to try.

The weather should be very mild -- 60's in the AM, 80's in the afternoon. With such a dry climate, the temperature swing between the morning and afternoon is dramatic, so be prepared.

The Phoenix area in general is a biking mecca -- one of the more popular biking cities in the USA (believe it or not, Tucson is another). It never snows here, so you can bike throughout the year. The summer heat dictates early morning (5AM) riding, but it is still doable. Have fun!

And if you want any other information, send me an e-mail and I will be glad to help you out...

Tanks both of you, for your informative responsesLive Steam
Oct 26, 2003 10:31 AM
I will definitely send my bike out so that I can enjoy some of the rides you mentioned. The shop rides sound pretty neat too. As the time approaches, I will probably have some other questions for you and maybe we can find the time to ride together. Thanks again.