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TdF04: laughs for Lefevere and tears for the TeamTimeTrial!(5 posts)

TdF04: laughs for Lefevere and tears for the TeamTimeTrial!BergMann
Oct 24, 2003 10:25 PM
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time:
Mr. Lefevere thinks Bettini can win next year's Tour de France.
Perhaps he was out to lunch for the entire month of July this summer as well.

On other fronts: what's up with the new rules for next year's Team Time Trial?
(Hit this link and search for "rule changes": )
No team can lose more than 2:30 on the winning time next year!?!
Can you think of a better way to encourage half the peloton to SANDBAG???!!!
Having a bad day? No problem, just turn it off and coast in!
I can't possibly imagine what the organizers were thinking.
Were they trying to make an already stodgy format even _less interesting_ to watch?
Is this a secret plan to hand French teams that only show up in search of stage wins an extra rest day? God knows they're not riding for GC!

I'm all for this "unconventional" new format they've come up with, but what gives with this hairbrained scheme?
People laughed when Bruyneel said " Lance is our team leader"JS
Oct 25, 2003 9:20 PM
for the "99" tour. Bettini is a VERY talented cyclists. Bartoli tried to ride for the overall in the "98" Giro, but got into a pissing contest with Pantani ( during his 65% haematocrit days) and wasted too much energy early. What makes some classics riders have a hard transition to 3 week races is that they haven't learned to manage their energy, in a single day race it's all or nothing but in a grand tour you have to save it for certain important moments. Bettini could very well do a good ride but he'll need a different director, LeFevere, really isn't a very good Grand tour director, someone like Riis would be a huge help if going for the overall.
Of crickets and the last laugh...BergMann
Oct 26, 2003 6:12 PM
It's Lefevere's pie-in-the-sky BSing that's laughable.

Aside from his silly nickname, there's absolutely nothing laughable about the world's best _one-day_ rider! The "cricket" is just an entirely different sort of animal than Ulrich, Belocki, and (post-cancer) Armstrong -- there's no shame in that, just acknowledge it as a fact of modern cycling.

Did you count how many stages Bettini won in this year's Tour? That's not a statement on him, it's a statement on the racing format. If Bettini was -- in what was arguably the best form of his career -- unable to recover enough day to day to win a _single stage_, how could anyone in their right mind expect him to compete for GC?

Be realistic: do you ever think Bettini will give up what he does best, and forego 90% of the Worldcup just to focus entirely on the Tour?
Then he will _never_ win a 3 week tour.
Retrogrouches can spare their breath on the "but Merckx used to win _everything_" crap.

Cycling has changed. No one who is not 100% devoted to winning the Tour will _ever_ win it, as long as there are riders like Armstrong around who are.

Just ask Jan Ulrich or Gilberto Simoni!
Yep, Bettini can't ride a Grand Tou......oh waitJS
Oct 26, 2003 7:39 PM
it says here he finished seventh in the "98" Giro, in the service of Bartoli no less. But the Giro's easy, I mean those Dolomites aren't really even mountains, heck the Passo de Fedaia they did that year only averages 7.5% for 14km with long stretches of 16%, but wait it says here that it's rated harder than ANY climb the Tour De France has ever done, isn't that interesting. Is the sarcasm ooozing through?
Dude, you're missing the point ...BergMann
Oct 30, 2003 1:48 PM
It's not a question of whether Bettini was at some other point in his career capable of top-10ing in a grand tour: it's whether _next year_ he has a realistic chance of _winning_ the TDF when his training will be specifically targeted at defending the World Cup!!!

Would I like to see him win the World Cup _and_ the Tour? Hell yes! It'd be the cycling sensation of the decade! Let's throw in the World Championship while we're at it!

Is it likely?
Don't hold your breath.