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Help Me Choose--You decide!(5 posts)

Help Me Choose--You decide!levs
Oct 23, 2003 3:37 PM
I am going CRAZY trying to choose one of 4 bikes, so you all get to decide for me. All are higher end flat bar road bikes. I have provided some highlights for each. Prices shown are my complete out of pocket price with shipping, tax and assemly. I think each is a really good deal, the question is, which is the best for the money?Links are provided for specs on each bike.

Ibex Corrida, $600 online, Aluminum frame, chromoly fork, Tiagra (except rear D is 105), tapered downtube, 440 flat bar shifters, Alex RC2002 rims.

Motobecane Cafe Noir, $700 online, Reynolds 520 frame, Ouzo carbon fork, 105 front and rear, 105 bottom bracket, 660 flat bar shifters, Richey Aero Comp rims, Kalloy adjustable stem.

Jamis Coda Comp, $730 locally, Reynolds 520 frame, Kinesis alum fork, Tiagra front D, Deore XT rear D, 660 flat bar shifters, SRAM 7.0cassette, Richey Areo Comp rims, suspension seatpost, 25 lbs (heavy?).

Schwinn Super Sport GS, $600 online, aluminum frame, carbon fork, Tiagra front D, 105 rear D, 440 flat bar shifters, Shimano HG-50 Cassette, Alex AT-450 rims, suspensions seatpost, Promax brakes (???).

Thanks for your help and I will let you all come over and have aride on the bike I choose!

Ibex Corrida.... has my voteHigh Gear
Oct 23, 2003 5:10 PM
I just like the look of the whole bike, from the radial laced front wheel with black spokes to the horizontal top tube. Price is great too. The Motobecane was a close second with it's nice Reynolds steel frame and good wheelset, I just didn't like the stem. The Schwinn was the most doofy looking me.
re: Help Me Choose--You decide!ronniedee
Oct 23, 2003 5:54 PM
Notice the differences in the level of the handlebars compared to the seat. Is that going to make a difference in your comfort?

I think you have the bikes listed in order of best-looks and reverse order of comfort.

Unless you plan to be hitting a whole lot of hills, I'm not sure I'd worry about a few extra pounds. My seven year old son has a bmx bike that weighs 27lbs (it's heavier than my mountain bike) and he never complains on the local bike trails.

I like the looks of the Ibex best, but you ought to consider the reach.

I don't like the looks of the Schwinn. I'd rule that one out.

The Jamis has a chromoly frame and can be ridden before you purchase. That's always a plus. I also like the idea of building a relationship with your local bike shop. In addition to what they will personally do for you and your bike in the future, they usually make a nice contribution to cycling in the community.

The Motobecane has cromoly frame and carbon fork. Nice component set. My roadbike has 105 and I'm am perfectly happy with its function and value.

With all that said, I'd probably get the Ibex and save a $100, if that does indeed include shipping and assembly.
Oct 23, 2003 6:25 PM
Get the Jamis, it is steel so it will have an excellent ride, You are getting it for $30 bucks more than the Motobecane, but it should come with a free 30 day tune up, which is $30 bucks or so. The bike should be setup correctly, I am guessing you are new to sport, so you probably don't have the tools and the know how to put it together. Lastly if you have a warrantee issue, you just have to take it to the LBS, not box it up and cross your fingers.
Second the Jamis! nmBowWow
Oct 23, 2003 7:14 PM