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hair of the Dog Ride report(1 post)

hair of the Dog Ride reportbimini
Oct 23, 2003 10:35 AM
Follow up from my Ride from Hell ride report yesterday. Where I had 3 flats, ran over a 3" sign post at full speed and hit an SUV all in one outing.

Went out to ride the bike after a better day at work and found the front tire was flat. Dejavu, Left over damage from hitting the sign post the day before. Fixed the flat.

I was planning on heading out in the country for my long ride to avoid the city problems but the flat ate up too much time and I took my city route that was such a disaster the day before.

All went well, Hit the down hill where the SUV cut me off the day before all went well. Cruised along at 30-35 MPH
hit the bottom of the hill and Ma & Pa Kettle pulled out in front of me. No problem, stood up, dropped it down 3 gears and passed them on the left like they were standing still, (oh yeah, I'm back). The light turned green just at the point I needed to start breaking, passed 3 more cars on the right where a second lane openned up on the right. Got to the next light still doing 35 and it turns green just in time to keep me from braking. Across the highway to the MUT.

The squirrels were out of Walnuts so nothing to dodge on the MUT. Zipped along the 5 mile MUT without meeting but a couple of walkers. Then back out on the street down the hill again all green lights. (I am blessed). Then another long climb at the top back into the flow of traffic until I hit the bottom and a bike lane openned up and then again around 3-4 cars in the bike lane. Did have to slow down for 3 Stupid College kids on Wally World bikes on going the wrong way on the wrong side of the road, so I did loos a little gound on the cars, but caught back up to the flow for the next downhill. Again, all the lights were with me. Across the highway again to the MUTs.

Then another 8 mile stomp fest until I did have to brake for the Womens track team that was out on the MUT. (Worth the wait even for this old dog, who likes short shorts). Then back up to speed. Caught up and stormed passed a 7up wantabe. Then back out onto a 1/2 mile stretch of heavy road traffic. I have to turn left so sprinted up to 30 MPH to match the traffic flow and zoomed off to the left up the road with the bike lane. Got to the top of that hill and then matched the traffic flow all the way home.

All is right with the world again.