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Solvang Prelude- Nov. 1st(2 posts)

Solvang Prelude- Nov. 1stbcm119
Oct 23, 2003 10:07 AM
Anyone done this before? Its described as a "hard, hilly metric". How hilly are they talking- are we going to climb Figeroa mountain or what?
re: Solvang Prelude- Nov. 1stNo_sprint
Oct 23, 2003 11:58 AM
I've never done this exact route that I know of so YMMV. The following is my opinion and others' might vary. The Solvang century is the hilliest organized century I have done (not saying too much because I don't do many). I remember checking into the total climbing a couple years back but don't remember numbers. I probably wouldn't be too far off to guess at about 4000 feet of total climbing for this 63 miler. I've never had any problems with any hills in any of the Solvang rides. They are hills, you'll not be climbing mountains. The organizers labeling it as hard is likely done so for complete rec riders and the huge numbers of seriously unskilled, unfit riders that attend every Solvang ride. You'll find large numbers of people that cannot make it to the turnaround of the shorty. It is probably hard compared to the 25 and 50. Hard is a relative term. If you're a once in a while rider it'll probably be hard. If you put in 200 mi/week, probably be a cupcake. I'll likely be using my usual 23. It'll be no cupcake for me because I typically hammer this ride as I've not raced or done any speed work for nearly two months. Absolutely no let up for me. I'm kinda feeling sorry for my pal who'll ride with me. He's in for it. :) Prepare for chilly temps if you're planning on starting early. My shoe covers were the envy of scores last year or the year before, can't remember... Have fun.