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another spoke/wheel question(6 posts)

another spoke/wheel questionbostonkiwi
Oct 23, 2003 7:05 AM
Looking at building up the following wheelset,

front 28, Aerohead rim, 1x Sapim Laser 14/17

rear 32, Aerohead OC rim, drive 3x Sapim Laser 14/17, non drive 1x Sapim Laser 14/17.

Here's the thing, I weigh 165lbs, seems like most wheel building advice is going to heavier folk. Will the 14/17's hold up drive side on the rear wheel with the asym rim or should I build with a 14/15 drive side?
yes. nmMShaw
Oct 23, 2003 7:47 AM
re: another spoke/wheel questioneddie m
Oct 23, 2003 7:56 AM
I always use a heavier spoke on the drive side of a 9s wheel. With a heavier drive side spoke, the left side will stretch more and be less likely to go slack under load, which is what causes earlier failure of the left side spokes.
I use straight guage and 14/15 because it's easier to bring the straight guage up to tension without winding them up. I don't think I have sufficient skill or patience to use lighter spokes in 9s wheels, and the weight difference is negligible.
Go with the 14/15 drive sidebimini
Oct 23, 2003 8:19 AM
My current set of OPs have 14/15 on both sides of the rear in a 3x pattern. I have problems with the tension on the non-drive side being too low and nipples shaking loose. I have tightened both sides too minimize this but am concerned with too much tension on the drive side.

Going with the 14/17 on the non drive side in a 1x and then 14/15 3x on the drive side should ballance the tension very nicely.

At 165 your at about the maximum weight to even consider the 14/17s. I would definitely go with the 14/15 3x on the drive side which will give you the wheel strength and some of the stiffness you need.
Lasers all around!!DaveLobster
Oct 23, 2003 10:21 AM
I have following build: Aerohead 28h front, laced 2x; Aerohead OC 32h rear, laced 3x on both sides. All Sapim Laser w/alloy nipples. I also weigh ten pounds more than you, and these wheels have been super reliable for me, which is notable for a set of wheels that weigh barely over 1500 grams. I have full confidence in Sapim Laser spokes, and Aerohead rims for that matter.

The Laser spokes are very strong, second only to the much more expensive Sapim CX-Rays. I also built another set of wheels for a friend who has to be 225lb or more, using Ambrosio rims and all Laser spokes, and that set has held up perfectly, and in fact hasn't even need truing for almost two years.

My only misgiving is why you would lace the front and NDS rear 1x. The idea of tangential lacing (crossing spokes) is to have them come into the hub at close to a 90 degree angle (a tangent) to the hub flange. In other words, to have a spoke that comes from 12 o'clock on the rim go to somewhere near 6 or 9 o'clock on the hub.

The selection of an appropriate lacing pattern should be dependent on the number of spokes. 1x might be appropriate for a 16 spoke wheel, but I don't see what advantage it gives you on a 28 or 32 spoke wheel. I guess some people think it is "closer to radial" but I don't see the logic in that.

Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.
a smaller step up might do welloff roadie
Oct 23, 2003 11:37 AM
Durability wise, I think with that rim and your weight, you could get away with lasers all around. For handling reasons (say during sprints), you may want stiffer spokes than the lasers on the right rear, but you don't have to go all the way up to regular 14/15 spokes.

I'm 185lbs and have a Aerohead asym rear wheel with Wheelsmith XL14 (2.0/1.5) on the left and DB14 (2.0/1.7) on the right. Its a very ridable, sprintable, trouble free wheel for me.

A normal butted 14 g spoke would be 2.0/1.8mm. I prefer the Wheelsmith DB14 in this case because its a closer match to the NDS spoke, but still stiff enough for the extra load of a rear right spoke.
If you can't get Wheelsmith DB14, look for the (now disconinued) Ritchey butted spokes- I think they also have 1.7mm centers.
If you don't mind having both 14 and 15 gauge nips on the rear, the DT supercomps are 2.0/1.6/1.8 mm, only SLIGHTLY thicker than Lasers.