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Hooking up a Pacific Trailer(1 post)

Hooking up a Pacific Trailerjma24
Oct 23, 2003 4:40 AM
We bought a 2nd bike trailer, in addition to our Burley, because our youngsters had a hard time peacefully co-existing in the Burley. So we bought a Pacific something-or-other off eBay. No manual came with it, but all the parts seem to be there. Likewise, I couldn't find a manual off Google.

I spent a good portion of the baseball game last night trying different ways to hook up the Pacific. It's a very different connection from the Burley (although the trailers themselves are remarkably similar in other respects). I was wondering if any of you had a Pacific trailer (the sticker on it indicates it came from Toys R Us), and could either show or explain how to connect the darn thing. I was able to get it on there, and for all I know, I have it right, but I'm not taking it out on the road until I know for sure.