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Cool weather riding clothes(4 posts)

Cool weather riding clothesavitar
Oct 22, 2003 8:16 PM
having just really gotten into road cycling last summer, I do not want to stop now that the cooler weather has come. I plan on riding down till its in the 40's (last year I stopped in beginning of Oct.) I live in NYC.

Which do you prefer,
Tights (without chamois) over my cycling bibs or shorts
Tights with chamois
Leg warmers with my bibs?

I have 3 very good pairs of Bibs. I ordered a hat for under the helmet, and full finger gloves, and 2 long sleeve jerseys and a good jacket.
I still need shoe covers too I guess.
re: Cool weather riding clotheswspokes
Oct 23, 2003 3:15 AM
Yesterday I wore bib shorts with tights without chamois overtop and it worked well. I have several pairs tights without and usually toss them over shorts. Some tights are a thermal type thickness but I haven't needed them ever. I live in Pennsylvania. Cannondale gloves suit me fine for the hands. wool up top and sometimes in layers with a shell outer. I will ride in the snow as well also so I never really stop riding through the winter...unless the snow is too deep. I prefer to XC ski in the winter though and last year was outstanding. But it was probably one of the only good years in the last decade here for skiing. otherwise, we just haven't had the snow!
Isn't it already in the 40's...biknben
Oct 23, 2003 5:00 AM
It was 35* in my area of Jersey this morning.

I wear unpadded tights over a pair of padded shorts. It's just personal preference. I remember being told long ago that a chamois in tights tends to not stay in place. I suspect that tights w/ a chamois have gotten better but I've always stayed away. My favorite tights aren't even offered with a chamois.

In the 40's I wear knee warmers with shorts. The upper body varies widely for me. It will usually include a combo of base layer, jersey, sleeves (either long sleeve jersey or arm warmers) and a wind breaker on top. The wind breaker goes in a pocket when I get too warm. The key is the base layer. Those thin little tanks really help.
re: Cool weather riding clothesutxjohne
Oct 23, 2003 6:27 AM
I always prefer to dress warmer and ventilate if needed. If there is any chance of warming out of the 40's I go with leg warmers and a bib with a short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, and a vest. I really find if I can keep my chest warm I can handle a lot colder weather. When its stuck in the 40's or below I go with a bib with fleece tights over, a long sleeve light skiing undershirt, with a long sleeve jersey, and either a vest or a jacket. Obviously long gloves are a must, but I dont have problems keeping my head warm. I live in NYC as well.