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Yet another eBay shuck?(4 posts)

Yet another eBay shuck?The Walrus
Oct 22, 2003 5:00 PM
This first link is to a completed auction for a 55cm Bianchi Axis with tons of upgrades, documented exhaustively.

Then, we have a new auction for a 55cm Bianchi Axis with tons of upgrades, documented exhaustively--and they're the
i same
upgrades, done on the same dates.

It's glaringly obvious that listing #2 is a ripoff of the listing for #1, right down to the statement about pedals not being supplied, since both owners had supposedly used Speedplay Frogs. Even if this were a case of a super-quick turnaround sale, how could payment/shipping/listing have occurred in less than 6 days? I also love that seller #2 has
i zero
feedback, and apparently is registered to an APO/FPO address.

The only thing here that provides even a whiff of legitimacy is stipulating the use of an escrow service for payment--anyone see a way of beating that?

I sure wish this were legit, because I got beat out on the bidding in the first auction...
re: Yet another eBay shuck?BowWow
Oct 22, 2003 6:21 PM
Just sent seller #2 a question asking about escrow. I'll post his reply... It's very shady, IMO!
There are a lot of escrow rip offs these days!russw19
Oct 22, 2003 9:03 PM
Someone posted an article here a few weeks back that described how one guy rips off tons of people with ebay. In the article they described how they use fake escrow services as a way to put the unknowing victim at ease to take them for more money.

Check with ebaybimini
Oct 23, 2003 5:52 AM