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Do you ever have days like this - BAD ride report(4 posts)

Do you ever have days like this - BAD ride reportbimini
Oct 22, 2003 8:14 AM
Got home after a bad day at the office, ready for my daily ride.

Went to the garage, the rear tire was flat even though it was fine the day before. I put a new tube in.

Got on the road to the MUT I like to take for my daily 20 mile ride. I was crossing a narrow bridge over the interstate on a 25 MPH road when an SUV just had to pass me even though I was riding just under 25 MPH. Soon as he gets past his right light starts to flicker. There was a right turn only intersection just ahead so I just knew I was going to get cut off on the right. I get behind him and then make my way to the left to go around him as he slowed down. Then LOL he turns left! I slowed down a bit to match his speed and turned left with him. I did lean into the SUV with my right shoulder as we made the turn together and did fall down before I could get out of the clip, but I was not hurt.

The driver got out and was very concerned about my well being. I was steamed so shouted at him as to why he didn't signal a left turn. He said his left turn signal was out and he just bought the bulb to replace it and said he had the receipt to prove it. After I settled down and check the bike I figured I would let it go. Should know better than to go around on the left. No harm, no foul.

Then just as I was clipping in to leave a lady comes up and stops in the middle of the road and started shouting that it was all my fault. She was coming from the opposite dirrection and saw the left turn flash in the front of the car. I tried to explain to her that the driver just told me that his rear left turn signal was out, but then she started screaming about us idiot bikers. LOL, I quit wasting my breath and just shook my head. She finally got tired of the silent treatment and left. The driver was smart enough not to chime in since I was already willing to let things go.

Got back on the bike and went on my way.

I noticed the front brake was rubbing. Got off and found a slightly bent spoke. Loosened it a bit and this got my rim back in true and then went on my way again.

I kept replaying the sequence of events in my head and had a paranoid feeling that all the cars were trying to push me around.

Then when riding on the MUT I rounded a corner and there was a sign post down across the trail. Did not see it in time (my head was not in the ride) and I did not have time to jump it. My wheels hit hard and my rear went flat.

I normally use freash tubes on the raod but used a self adhesive patch instead because I was down to my last tube.

I either did a rush job or had a second slow leak. Had to stop again in a couple of mile and put my last tube in.

Got back on my way and close to home and another car just had to pull up along side of me and turn on the right turn signal. I had had it with the cars, SUVs and Sh#theads for the day and refused to give ground to the car. It slowed down and turned right behind me.

Hopefully I used up a months worth of bad karma ysterday and todays ride will be better.
....and I thought my ride today sucked.divve
Oct 22, 2003 8:56 AM
I had a headwind both ways:) least you guys get a ride in today...(nm)ColnagoFE
Oct 22, 2003 9:21 AM
Moma said there'd be days like thisCrankist
Oct 23, 2003 5:41 AM
Yes, it sure sounds hellish. At least you didn't spend the evening in the EM.
I've had valued rides that just seemed perfect in every respect, and A-C seperations etc. from others.
You'll see: it'll all balance out as you drop Hincapie on the flats in June.