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Question about Bike Sizing(2 posts)

Question about Bike Sizingberny8888
Oct 21, 2003 2:06 AM

I'm a newbie and had a question about bike sizing.

Many people have mentioned that you need at least 1" clearance from the top bar of the bike to your groin area while standing over the bike. (The only person who disagrees with this is the local bike shop guy) Is this the standard to get the right size of a bike?

I know there's adjustments to seat and how far the handlebars are for the person...but i'm focusing on the standing-over-the-bike sizing requirement.

In other words, if I was standing over the bike on my tippy toes, but I can still ride the bike fine by adjusting the seat to a lower position, would this be okay?

Last, I know that if I bailed on the bike, I'll be losing my precious jewels...but in those situations, if one was to brake hard, your whole body will fall over the bike not on it. And in the stationary position, it would be a bit inconvenient to hold the bike tilted. But I'm willing to take that uncomfortableness.

The truth is..I bought this used bike. The guy told me it was 54 cm. I'm 5'6". I rode it and realized it was a bit big, but I figured I can adjust the seat to a lower position. So I bought it. Then I took it to a bike shop and they measured it as 58 cm! But again, I'm on my tippy toes while standing over it. While riding it, I feel very comfortable with the handlebars and overall position when the seat is at its lowest. It's an older bike using down shifters, but I just really like the comfort (old Trek 2300). Should I resell the bike now?

Your opinions are much appreciated.

sell it...C-40
Oct 21, 2003 4:29 AM
Always pays to get educated before you buy. A tape measure would have confirmed the size before buying.

It should be obvious that being able to stand flat footed over the frame is a minimum requirement. One inch or 2cm of standover clearance is generally considered minimum, but more than 4cm can cause problems too (low handlebar height).

The top tube length of this large frame will also be too long for you, requiring a very short stem.

Try this site for info on fit, before you buy another bike.