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Lotsa Questions from a beginner(4 posts)

Lotsa Questions from a beginnerNomatt
Oct 20, 2003 10:05 PM
I am a beginner riding a Raleigh Grand Sport, stock (except for Koobi silver saddle)

1. i have a spoke that somehow is slightly bent, near where it attaches to the rim. is this something i should get checked out? the rim seems to be fine, but i just want to be sure.

2. I have recently started doing my own small repairs. My derailer has been shifting improperly so i adjusted it myself using the barrel adjuster on the derailer. i have it pretty close to being correct, but it seems to be running more noisely than usual. is this acceptable, or should i be making more adjustments? (by noise i mean clicking, and also the chain rubs against the front derailer in certain gears)

3. What "cheapo" clipless MTB pedals are the best? i ask because i cant really afford road pedals right now, and MTBs are cheaper. i can get some Ritchey's for 20, as well as Nashbar brand pedals and Performance brand pedals for 20. anybody try any that they would suggest? thanks. oh, p.s. im looking for SPD for sure.
re: Lotsa Questions from a beginnerbigrider
Oct 21, 2003 3:41 AM
For the spoke and the shifting and adjustment issues, it would be difficult to give a reasonable answer without seeing the bike. Try to find an experienced rider and ask them if they could give you some advice.

On the clipless pedals, the cheapest Nashbars are not that good but there next model that comes in colors are great. I think the other two are ok for entry level pedal systems. There is nothing wrong with using spds on the road.
re: Lotsa Questions from a beginnerSteve_0
Oct 21, 2003 3:48 AM
1.depending on the rim and spokecount, you're probably ok for now....certainly replace the spoke when you have the chance.

2. the deraileur should not be clicking; needs further adjustment. Rubbing against the front deraileur is not uncommon; you need to 'trim' the front deraileur alittle when this happens (indexing has a 'half-click' position). Also, never ride big-ring to big-sprocket, or small-ring to small-sprocket.

3. Don't know. I suggest platforms with clips - far more versatile than clipless. If you really insist on clipless, look into shimano duel-sided pedals (324?) which have spd on one side, platform on the other. Around 50 bucks. Nashbar has a version for less.
Some help...biknben
Oct 21, 2003 5:43 AM
1. If the wheel is still true you don't have to worry about the spoke. I'd get the spoke replaced the next time you get the wheel trued.

2. The der. needs more adjustment. These things get finicky. It may require more than just turning the barrel adjuster. has some good info on bike maint.

3. It's hard to beat the Ritcheys @ $20. I'd steer clear of the low end offerings from Performance, nashbars, etc. I'd recommend you check out ebay for Time ATAC Aluminum pedals. New ones can be found for $60 there. They are argueably the best MTB pedal design and the Aluminums are the cheapest, most durable version.