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Anyone have any experience with these...(1 post)

Anyone have any experience with these...Mr Nick
Oct 20, 2003 8:14 PM
My cousin recently got a new Kestrel. When the LBS fit her they put her in a pretty aero position which resulted in a very short steer tube. Now she is realizing she wants more of a relaxed position and she is thinking about her options. Right now she is running a 107 degree stem and it is pretty good, but the stem options are limited in this size and she doesn't like the H2O that she has. Her boyfriend thinks she should get one of the risers from Nashbar so she can keep using her Newton stem. I was wondering if anyone has used these or heard anything about them? Are they safe? How do you tension your headset? Does it come with a really long bolt? I am sure they are not the coolest thing, but it would give her more room to work with. Especially since she can't afford a new fork.