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Winter Layers(3 posts)

Winter LayersMcBaine
Oct 18, 2003 7:19 AM
What are you folks using for a winter cycling layering system 20-50 degrees? I wanted to get versatile stuff I can ride in and use for mountaineering too. I would use Capilene as base.

I'm considering these tops. They are made of a material which resembles a wet suit. They claim they are water and wind resistant enough to use as an outer layer in many cases. At the store water beaded up and ran off of them like a wet suit.

Transition Long Sleeve Zip T

For colder temps. Vertex Jacket

Then some sort of jacket or shell if need be. I live in N. Illinois.
MN Winterfiltersweep
Oct 18, 2003 7:42 AM
I always have been amused at the phrase "winter cycling" since "winter" is generally fall/spring temps around here. Lets face it- 20 degrees is very cold with a wind chill from riding- not to mention whatever actual wind there is.

Personally, I use a long-sleeve coolmax base layer and a Castellli winter cycling jacket with Castelli bib tights and Castelli windstopper shoe covers when it is really cold (below 50)- if it is above 50 I'll wear arm warmers and leg warmers with a short sleeve base and SS jersey if I think there is any hope it will get above 60- if not, I'll wear a LS jersey with LS base. Also, in the 40s I'll wear something over my ears and full gloves.

BTW- I discovered the Castelli US distributor is local- they had a SICK sale a month ago- I purchased over $1000 worth of Castelli clothes (per CC catalog) for under $300... it was crazy. They sold nothing for more than $65- and they carried pretty much the entire product line.

You don't want to be too warm- you'll generate a lot of heat riding.

I'll probably put my bike away in a few weeks... there will be no daylight and then we'll have snow.

Are there a lot of mountains in N. Illinois ;) ?
No Mountains in Norther IL! nmTNRyder
Oct 19, 2003 12:49 PM