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Winter Shoe Lake MXZ 300 or Hiking Shoe?(3 posts)

Winter Shoe Lake MXZ 300 or Hiking Shoe?McBaine
Oct 18, 2003 6:40 AM
Does anyone have experience winter riding with the Lake MXZ 300? I am using Shimano M747's on my road bike so they will work. However, are they really warm and water proof? Worth the price? I live in N. Illinois so I'm planning on 20-40 degree rides. My feet tend to get chilly. How many socks do you wear?

I was also considering reverting to toe clips and a water resistant hiking shoe such as the Montrail Java GTX. They are Gore-Tex but I hear not 100% water proof.
re: Winter Shoe Lake MXZ 300 or Hiking Shoe?KG 361
Oct 18, 2003 6:59 AM
I've used Northwave's winter road shoes and at the temps you've mentioned they are fine. 1 pr of socks, Smart wool winter socks. From the reviews I've seen, the Lakes are even better than the Nortwaves.
re: Here's my systemChainstay
Oct 18, 2003 2:01 PM
I use a regular SIDI shoe but I put in a warm insole with a MTB tube cut to fit underneath the insole to wind proof it. If you have big vents in your shoes tape them over. I put antiperspirant on my feet to keep them dry. This makes a big difference as my feet will sweat a lot. For socks I have been going with medium heavy wool but have used polypropylene inner and wool outer. For booties I use a Louis Garneau shoe cover inside that has a windproof inner coating. Over that I wear a Neoprene bootie. At 20-40 degrees I am good for 2-3 hours.