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How much lateral float (not angular) do the SPD-SL's have?(6 posts)

How much lateral float (not angular) do the SPD-SL's have?High Gear
Oct 17, 2003 6:37 PM
Man, I ordered a pair today and just read below that they have two types of float. I'm trying to get away from the lateral float my Time pedals have. Is it noticable? Will the fixed cleats stop the lateral float?
re: How much lateral float (not angular) do the SPD-SL's have?gmikes
Oct 18, 2003 2:05 AM
The float is noticeable. I am like you - I went with the spd-sl pedals to get away from the lateral float. After awhile you get used to it and it's a different feel from the time float since the sl float is at the toes. The heel stays fixed and the toe of the cleat moves around.

The fixed cleat is totally fixed with no lateral float. I have thought about trying it. I know that I like angular float and know that I am not too fond of lateral float. I don't know which is stronger though!

One thing for the spd-sl pedals that has stopped me going back to the impacts is that they are SO easy to get in and out of. I had no problem with the old time equipes but the impacts were a real pain to get into. It was just so damn hard to find the pedal. With the spd-sls it is SO easy. All you basically have to do is step on the pedal and you are in, and it is very easy to click out - yet they are very secure, even on the lowest tension setting.
re: How much lateral float (not angular) do the SPD-SL's have?High Gear
Oct 18, 2003 5:09 AM
I ran the black fixed cleats with my old Looks. It just takes a little time to get the cleats angled just right. I'm sure the SPD-SL's will be the same. One thing I like about the SPD-SL/Look cleat is the amount of room in the screw pockets they give you to move the cleat around on the shoe. I'm going to thoroughly road test the Shimanos before accepting them as the pedal I want to deck all my bikes out with. I have like two new sets of Time Impact S pedals I have to unload now. If the SPD-SL's don't work out, I'll make the big jump to the Coombe Pro pedal.
re: How much lateral float (not angular) do the SPD-SL's have?Crankist
Oct 18, 2003 6:04 AM
"yet they are very secure, even on the lowest tension setting."

This must vary a bit from set to set. I can pull straight out of my pair when I try, if set near the lowest setting. I adjusted tension to the middle range, did at first some tenative sprints, but have now found them to be solid at this setting.
Just an FYI. A failure here could really ruin a day.
secure at lowest tension settingalmccm
Oct 18, 2003 10:42 PM
I'm also running mine at the lowest tension setting and they are very secure. I did have a problem with one cleat. The right cleat was attached too tightly to the shoe and I guess it was being slightly deformed. This was preventing it from clicking in completely (if you look at the pedal with the shoe clicked in you would see the clamp was not complete locked, you can push on the clamp to lock it). You could pull out when the cleats were like this but you had to be trying to pull out.

I loosened the screws about 1/4 turn and it clicked in perfectly. I had to put a little blue loctite on the screws so they wouldn't work themselves loose from the shoe. You might try clicking your shoes into the pedals and checking the clamp to make sure it's locking down properly.
Thanks but noCrankist
Oct 19, 2003 6:07 AM
Mine have always locked in that loud click at any setting. Given the signs of cleat wear apparent after just a couple of thousand miles (and no - those aren't walking miles :))I figure cleat replacment pretty soon. That may cure it - although as it stands now I don't really see it as a problem anyhow.