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Tour of Hope Ride Report(4 posts)

Tour of Hope Ride ReportXeo
Oct 17, 2003 2:43 PM
I participated in the Tour oF Hope Ride in Los Angeles last weekend. A couple friends and I did the ride and I took about 20 shots throughout the day.

Here are some...

The ride began at Universal Studios Citywalk. Here Kelli Vedad and I (left) are posing in the middle of the walk. It was a little cold at 6:00 in the morning, hence the arm warmers.

Here is the Tour of Hope bus in front of the theaters. This early many of the riders were yet to register and get to the start.

By about 7:45 most of the riders were assembled and ready to start the ride. But first the Bristol Myers Squibb execs had to have their say.

As many of you know the Lance Armstrong foundation is benefitting from the funds raised so of course we got a chance to hear Lance speak and ride with the TOH team.

Another picture of Lance at the Podium

The race route was a loop starting at Citywalk and going through the San Fernando Valley, coursing through to Griffith Park and passing the LA Zoo. Here the riders are on Riverside Drive in the Valley. The TOH team with Lance are at the front. The peloton is seperated by LAPD on mountain bikes. I so wanted to turn the skrews loose but that could have disqualified me.

After three flats from thorns on Woodley Avenue, I am totally dejected and decide to take a picture of my ride (notice the rear slightly under-inflated). I was waiting for a bicycle shop to open at 10:00 for assistance.

But miraculously the Mavic service support crew helped me out and with a quick detour on the course, I have found the field again. There was a camera crew filming the whole thing from the front. They were limiting the field quite drastically to around 20 mph but still a lot of people went out the back.

Here we are moving down Los Feliz at a nice pace towards Griffith Park and the Zoo.

You can see the water fountain of Griffith Park in the background. After that we made a sharp right and climbed past the Zoo and into the finish area.

And here is the finish.

All told about 600 riders completed the event and raised over $300,000 for the Lance Armstrong foundation. I ended up riding almost 90 of the 100 km (62.5 mi) route due to my detour to catch the field. It was my first time riding in a large pack (I stayed at the front most of the time) and I must admit I enjoyed it.

The day turned out to be gorgeous and other than 3 flats from thorns it was an amzaing experience. And to have it raising money for a great cause felt really good.

Great pics, what a nice day for a ride....rwbadley
Oct 17, 2003 9:22 PM
Your weather looked perfect. A great cause too.

Bummer about the thorns. We have those crappy little things around here too.

300k is a lotta change for the foundation. Good job and thanks.

I did the DC ride today. It was hairy scary. Why peoplebill
Oct 18, 2003 6:50 PM
would treat a charity ride as a race, particularly people who don't race, I'll never know. People were nuts. There were about a half dozen crashes that I saw, including one where people went down right in front of me and landed on my leg. The most ridiculous was people killing themselves to get to the front of the ride near the finish. Lance had long since left the ride, so he wasn't even the excuse anymore. This was people trying to "win" the ride, as if they were lining up for the big sprint or something. We were on Independence Ave, which is wide, flat, and straight, and about four of five guys went down for no known reason.
The danger wasn't inexperienced people who didn't know what they were doing as much as sort of experienced people who didn't know what they were doing.
Guys after the ride was over were shouting questions about elapsed time and average speeds. It was a CHARITY RIDE!
Oct 18, 2003 11:45 PM
It's a shame people were that out of control. My experience during the LA ride was a little different. We had an SUV in front for the whole ride, limiting the speed. Rarely did we exceed 25 mph at the front.

The only problem for me came at about the 15 mile mark when our Police escourt on mountain bikes were confused and half the pack split at a turn causing a few people to go down and dozens of flats (including two for myself).

For the most part the riders seemed pretty experienced with many local teams participating. For me the only real competitive moments were during two pretty good climbs were people tried to stay with the SUV doing about 20. Over half the field got shelled out the back during these climbs, so it was good if you could keep up.

I was wondering did you have an escourt and did they stop to gather the field periodically? There were at least two slowings during my ride were they actually stopped.