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Some very good and different Interbike photos...(13 posts)

Some very good and different Interbike photos...Dave Hickey
Oct 17, 2003 7:27 AM
cool stuffDougSloan
Oct 17, 2003 7:45 AM
Weird carbon crank arms galore. Will be interesting to see what hits the market.

We as cyclists probably have more diversity of selection than any other product on the planet.

My favoriteDave Hickey
Oct 17, 2003 8:23 AM
If they are real and not just carbon look, I want a pair of these.
Carbon brakes...try AX Lightness or Storcklanterne rouge
Oct 17, 2003 12:06 PM
I saw a set of real carbon calipers at the Calfee booth. Made by AX Lightness of saddle fame. The gal said they were "vaporware", no plans for production supposedly. On the other hand I have tried to order a pair from Storck. Two year wait and $900.00 USD a pair!
cool but whats with all the weird top tubes?ColnagoFE
Oct 17, 2003 8:22 AM
Last year it was carbon rear it seems to be weirdly shaped top tubes? Is this for market differentiation or is there some benefit from shapes other than round that is being claimed?
marketing........Dave Hickey
Oct 17, 2003 8:29 AM
Since carbon frames are made in a mold, it can be manipulated into almost any shape.... Kinda like the C40 and C50 HP stays. I guess people will argue that it actually works but, IMHO, it's more marketing than anything else.
Didn't Colnago start the special tubing trend years ago?bimini
Oct 17, 2003 8:40 AM
I agree, it market differentiation.

If it looks the same as any old $1000 dollar bike why would you pay more. The top tube is highly visible on the floor of the LBS so it it looks different it's got to be worth more.

Yes, I am sure they will have a line of BS as to why the frame and tube is superior to all the rest, but I am certain the design feature was driven by the marketing guys not the engineers. (Round and ovals are optomized structural shapes)

If it makes you feel good about the purchase when you buy the bike then thats okay.
1984: Metallic grey 'Nago with crimped tubes I had. nmSpunout
Oct 17, 2003 9:16 AM
Thanks for the link... I like the comments with the pics... nmPdxMark
Oct 17, 2003 9:23 AM
That seat with a mullet certainly is different.torquer
Oct 17, 2003 10:42 AM
supposed to look like a duck head, isn't it? (nm)ColnagoFE
Oct 17, 2003 10:49 AM
A DUCK head?!?!??! I'm seeing a skunk....The Walrus
Oct 17, 2003 11:10 AM
not sure what the fur-lined cutout is for. ;)rufus
Oct 17, 2003 4:06 PM
be wary of those riders crouched too low over their bars. ;)