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Full Length Fenders?(3 posts)

Full Length Fenders?McBaine
Oct 16, 2003 6:19 PM
What full length fenders would you recommend for me. I don't mind the idea of permanently installing them for the winter. My frame has eyelets. However, I don't have much room between my brake bridges and tires. Also, the brake bridges don't have eyelets. I was looking at the SKS raceblades.
SKS are good, but it's hard to beat those silver ZefalsCory
Oct 16, 2003 7:01 PM
I have both, though I've only mounted the Zefals (I ordered the SKS, then before they arrived I found the Z's on a clearance table and bought 'em anyway). Quality seems about equal. The Zefals were easy to mount on an old Trek tourer I converted to singlespeed, even with 38mm tires.
You're right, though--clearance is a big problem with a lot of bikes. I don't think I could get fenders on my Allez at all. For what it's worth, I've seen some bikes in Seattle where the fenders were cut in half and attached with zip ties because they wouldn't fit under the brake arms. You could probably fumble up something like that. The Rivendell website used to have some ideas, too; maybe it still does.
Oooh, oooh--I saw a solution last night! Check it out.Cory
Oct 17, 2003 8:33 AM
Actually you can't check it out--I took a couple of pictures, but for some reason my camera can't talk to my computer this morning, so I'll have to describe it. I happened to see a fender mount last night on a bike with NO space under the brake. The guy cut the fenders where they pass under the brake, drilled holes near the outer edges of each cut end, then used zip ties to attach them to the fork blades in front and the seat stays in back.
The front one extended from down near the ground behind the wheel just to the fork on top--he threw the front section, ahead of the fork, away. He said it works fine.
In the rear, the front section was zipped to the bridge between the chainstays, behind the BB, and to the seat stays near the brake. The back section used the conventional hardware plus zip ties to the chain stays. It would take awhile to fiddle everything just right, but the installation was neat and sanitary looking, and he said it works well.