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More Road Rage and bad timing for it.......(15 posts)

More Road Rage and bad timing for it.......CARBON110
Oct 16, 2003 11:21 AM
Today I wish I had a bazooka on my bike.

Yesterday I went to the LBS to get some stuff and a a friend who works at the shop introduced me to a guy from Wisconsin who is in Asheville for the week but doesn't know any rides or where to go. Our LBSs have very well organised maps for just such people however that doesnt always help when your having a hard time in a new place.

Since I once was in this very same position I offered, without hesitation, to take the man on a road ride around the sites of the city and through the more scenic areas. I gave him my number and so on.

We met this morning at 10:30 and went on a 58 mile 3 1/2 hour ride around some of Ashevilles best. He turns out to be a cat 2 and a very modest guy. I gave him the scoop and as we were riding about 2 hours into our ride a guy drove buy at speed and threw a 3-4lb Sunday paper at us which hit Mike (great first impressions) and scared the SH1T out of both of us. Being a great bike handler he actually caught the entire paper on the front of his handlebars and kept his rig upright but we were amazed. We were going about 18mph maybe and the paper, half rolled up, just stuck to his bike for a few moments.

The rest of our ride was beautiful and uneventful since the foliage is peaking here right now. Still I remain shocked that someone would actually do this to two guys just riding down a road in the middle of the day. Mike is still interested despite the experience to move here and he never mentioned it again for the rest of the afternoon
not road rage; just idiocy.Steve_0
Oct 16, 2003 11:45 AM
more NC bashing? (nm)ColnagoFE
Oct 16, 2003 12:21 PM
No, its what happened today...CARBON110
Oct 16, 2003 1:01 PM
Every place has its benefits and draw backs. Has this forum become overly sensitive? Does everything have to agree with your perceptions or abide by your approval? I thought we were here to share information, seek advice, confide with others about things people close to us might not understand concerning our passion to ride a bike, what we like and what we fear and what we experience on the road etc etc I mean despite it all don't we still have an abiding sense of integrity and fair play?
It seems alot of people have little categories that everything in life fits into...well thats interesting. But if that's how SOME make sense of life day to day, more power to you. But before you post something here in response to another post, perhaps you should ask yourselves if what you have to say offers anyone else conducive insight to the subject.

No it wasnt NC bashing and yes it was road rage and idiocy on his behalf but more importantly it could have resulted in a far worse repercussion for 2 people riding down the road. So, I thought I would share since I have never had anything thrown at me, I know others have, except a car once
Oct 16, 2003 2:42 PM
Maybe Mike was impressed that another local would give him a free newspaper for no apparent reason ... but probably not.

I'm glad no one crashed.
But how kind and thoughtful of you..rollo tommassi
Oct 16, 2003 1:03 PM
to befriend and host a visitor to your town! You set the example to your new friend of what sort of citizen lives in your area, not the "newspaper" delivery boy.

The guy now has a story to tell - "yeah, there's jerks everywhere you go, but I met this really nice guy in Asheville!"
That's my take.MShaw
Oct 16, 2003 3:53 PM
There's idiots in cars here in San Diego. There were idiots in cars in the DC area. There were idiots in cars (but mostly pickups)in Blacksburg.

That there are idiots in cars is a given.

What's cool is that the OP volunteered to go out and show another rider around his town. Any time y'all are headed to San Diego, email me... I'm self-employed so the boss won't fire me for taking a day off to go for a ride every now and again.

Thanks gu ys and great offer! "nm"CARBON110
Oct 17, 2003 6:27 AM
Funny how bad things are happening on the roads in NC these daysLone Gunman
Oct 16, 2003 3:50 PM
Just road CNC last week, 1200+ riders of a variety of levels. This was my 4th CNC. By day 4, I had just about had enough and was wondering where these people learned or developed the riding habits displayed. "Car back" meant absolutely nothing to the majority of the riders. They would continue to ride 2 or 3 across, peeing off the drivers. One jakeace thought "on your left" meant that I should move to the right and let him pass and when that did not happen, he buzzed me like some peed off motorist would. Others would announce "car back, on your left" and pass a rider or riders with traffic passing them forcing the motorist wider. Later in the week when the route flattened out and riders organized, speed and pacelines were making people drunk with the thrill of riding fast for little effort and the crashes began, I was hearing tales of 2-3 broken collarbones a day. So no wonder the folks of NC might be a bit negative towards riders these days.

Far be it from me to get on a soap box and preach about rider behavior and safety, but actions like those described is beginning to effect all who ride in groups. We began to police those around us and give them whatfor, yet we would see the same people who know better doing the same annoying behavior later in the ride.
conversation I had recently:litespeedchick
Oct 17, 2003 4:59 AM
We shared a table in a crowded restaurant w/ a stranger in Saluda NC a few weeks ago. He spotted the lycra right off and, after we had chatted for awhile, he says something to the effect of " what do you think about cyclists riding 2 abreast? They do that on the Parkway and I can't get around and it makes me angry"

We generally responded that while bikes have the same rights to the road as cars, and technically he has to wait until the other lane is clear to go around, we think it is polite for the cyclists to go single file when there are cars back, especially if there are just a few of them and they aren't going very fast.

This man was driving a BMW motercycle, so I would have thought he would have more empathy for cyclists than the normal motorist, since guys on moterbikes are so often injured/killed by crappy drivers.

Anyway, how would you have answered him? And do you ride double file when cars are back?
Oct 17, 2003 5:52 AM
First let me compliment you on your handle :)

I live only 3 miles from the parkway and therefor ride it all the time. We rode it yesterday in the above post. For the most part the parkway is constant uphill and downhill extremes and not flat really at all. There are parts of the parkway that get very busy since they are used as a "through way" even though the speed limit is 35!!! It is illegal to ride 2 abreast on the parkway. However I do it in places where it is not used as a throughway and where the traffic is minimal. When ever there is a car back though people that I ride with make a point to get them around ASAP. We motion them around and are very aware of not perpetuating the "angry motorist" issue regardless where we are.
This is a rule on all group rides and among single riders. When we share stories about cycling and cars we make sure everyone understands the rules. You can usually see for far enough ahead to prepare for cars back so riding 2 abreast closer to Mitchell where the road only goes up, is fine by me with my TEAM MATES. But since you are going up and enjoying the ride you really dont need to ride 2 abreast. Riding single file is actually easier
I must say as well that since I ride the parkway all the time and meet lots of riders we always ride single file
my group rides single file...marcoxxx
Oct 17, 2003 8:56 AM
especially on the Parkway. Roads on the Parkway to curvey and narrow to risk riding double file for us. I rarely see double file groups on the parkway, but there are always less considerate and intimidating cyclist types out there.

conversation I had recently:MShaw
Oct 17, 2003 3:43 PM
I ride a BMW too, watch the motorcycle NG, etc. Seems that there's still an us vs. them thing between motorcycles and bicycles.

Strange 'cause the two forms of two-wheeled transportation are more similar than they are different.

Re: double file. It depends on the roads, etc. If we're on a lightly traveled back road and there's no one coming, then yes, we normally stay 2-up. I try and make sure to wave the car past if its safe, then wave thank you once they're past.

The amazing thing about these roads is that the likleyhood of two cars passing each other going opposite ways is the square of the number of riders in the group who are 2-up. Seems that the more guys you have out riding, the more likely it is that two cars are going to intersect in the same stretch of road. Usually this happens exactly when the car behind the group is about to pass... I'm not exactly sure why this is, but I've seen it for a bunch of years now.


re: More Road Rage and bad timing for it.......LC
Oct 16, 2003 3:53 PM
As a Cat 2, I am sure he has seen and been involved in scarrier stuff than a paper landing on his handlebars. Part of what you learn as you advance in racing is to not freak out when freaky things happen in races and during the many hours of training rides that it takes to get to that level. Learning to relax while on the bike so you are able to properly react to the situation is an important skill to master.
sounds like just a paperboy ...marcoxxx
Oct 17, 2003 10:14 AM
delivering the Asv Times...and you got in his way..?

Besides the recent squirrel attack, I have not been hit, cursed, spit at, things thrown, bmx'ed, nor run over lately, but did see a fist swing out from a pu truck at a buddy in front of me this summer.(we were on a bad street in rush hour traffic though)