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I f-f-f-finally g-g-got it!!!(7 posts)

I f-f-f-finally g-g-got it!!!BowWow
Oct 15, 2003 11:05 PM
Whoa betty! She's here! She's finally here!!!

I got a pretty good deal on a used 2001 Cervelo Prodigy, and the kindly gentleman in the brown truck dropped her off yesterday! I have just spent several glorious hours indoors, setting up, tweaking, cleaning, lubing, and just generally drooling on this beauty! Tomorrow morning is our official maiden voyage! It feels like Christmas!!!

Unfortuantely I "misplaced" the digital camera, so all I can offer is a quick verbal description and a photo from Cervelo's website :-( ... But I promise some bike lust photos as soon as the digicam shows up!

She's 59cm c-to-c, Ultegra drivetrain, and FIR SRG 30 aero rims laced to Edco Racer hubs. The front is 28 radial, rear is 28 radial/x2. They feel very smooth, look very aero, and feel relatively light.

In anticipation I bought a new pair of Vittoria Rubino Pro tires (in red, of course!) from PricePoint, and they were kind enough to toss in a pair of Lake CX125 shoes, free of charge! I wrestled the tires onto the freshly cleaned/polished rims, and boy do they look great!

I had a significant amount of cleaning to do - the monkeys that packed her must have been rebuilding bottom brackets before packing her - but she cleans up real nice! The seatpost is a Cervelo carbon, and I got a brand new Trans Am Century seat in the deal. I trimmed the shifter cables a bit and filed the ends flat for a more secure connection, adjusted and cleaned the brakes (Cervelo house brand - I'll be swapping in some KoolStop salmon pads toot sweet!!!), and mounted my home-built lighting system, then finished the job with a fresh wrapping of red Profile Design tape - looks just like the enclosed photo.

Weight-wise, I'd estimate about 18 lbs - not too shabby for a steel bike, eh! What a change from my 27-plus lb Centurion!!! My two short adjustment-rides show that I'll be getting used to STI shifting - I kept reaching for the down-tube!!!

Soooo, 6:30 in the morning, off we go! I'll post reviews of different stuff, and send along some true photos as I go. I've been looking forward to this for nearly a year!!!!

re: I f-f-f-finally g-g-got it!!!Xeo
Oct 15, 2003 11:48 PM

I feel your joy. The other day the little brown UPS man delivered my new set of American Classic 420's (aero spokes, black hubs 16/20 laced), which I promptly installed on my Trek 5200. Wrapping them in matching black and blue Conti Gramd Prix 3000 tires. She looks so fast sitting there I can't wait to ride her. Just as soon as my midterms are over, off we will go.

Have fun.

re: I f-f-f-finally g-g-got it!!!charlieboy
Oct 16, 2003 12:05 AM
Nice bike... but much more interested in your 'home-built lighting system'.

Please reveal all!
I n-n-never g-g-got it!!!Crankist
Oct 16, 2003 5:16 AM
A tossup between the Prodigy and the Zurich, I bought the latter back in 2001.
That's one heck of an upgrade. For at least a couple of weeks it WILL be about the bike. Post a quick review.
Have fun!
Ummm.... A few questions?Chicago_Steve
Oct 16, 2003 7:08 AM
I've been checking out the Prodigy quite a bit as it seems to offer a pretty good bang for the $$$. Would you mind if I run a few questions by you?

- Tell me about the Cervelo Brand brakes. There is NO information on them out on the Internet (not even on Cervelo's website). Single pivot or Dual? How's the finish? Cartridge style pads?

- Does your bike have the chrome plating? Does it seem to extend down the seat tube or head tube?

- How's the paint look? Can you tell if it's powdercoat or wet paint? Is there a clearcoat over the decals?

Any feedback on your ride would be GREATLY appreciated as info on this bike is scarce!
A few answers - for now...BowWow
Oct 17, 2003 12:58 AM
1. Cervelo brakes are double pivot, but not even as nice as Shimano Tiagra. They are weak, difficult to adjust, and the finish on the quick releases flakes of real easily. Yes, the pads are cartridge-style, and the first upgrade I'm doing is the KoolStop salmon pads. I've run the salmons on my MTB for years, and was extremely impressed with their stopping power. I anticipate a similar improvement, but will upgrade to Ultegra calipers as soon as I can find a good deal...

2. The 2003 Super Prodigy is completely nickel-plated, then painted. They leave the seatstays unpainted so you can see the nickel plating. I think it looks very cool!

3. The paint is good. Since this is a used bike there are a few chips, but nothing really bad. I can't tell if it is powder or wet - I think it's wet. It also appears that the decals are under a clearcoat. No runs, good coverage, very good quality. When I started wiping the bike down to get some of the dirt and grease off it appeared that the paint was stained. I grabbed some Mother's California Gold cleaner wax and it polished right out. It's beautiful now!

4. My first ride today to shake it out a bit. It feels very good, rides well, tracks well, accelerates as well as my old legs can take it. The aero rims catch the crosswinds more than I have ever felt, but this is my first set of truly aero rims. It corners very accurately, doesn't feel at all twitchy. I've got a Reynolds Ouzo Comp fork - carbon with alloy steerer - and it feels so much better than chromo! It is a 1" headset, Ritchey Logic. I'll eventually go to Chris King. I don't know if the 2003 and on have 1" or 1 1/8"... So far.... I LIKE it!!!!

Other stuff I've noticed so far: The welds are good; smooth and even. I'm dealing with a creaking BB - will take it to the LBS tomorrow and wrap the threads with teflon tape and repack the bearings. The Edco hubs are smoother than anything I've ever felt before, but the rear freewheel is VERY noisy. Good, solid feel, just LOUD! I just put new Vittoria Rubino Pros on, and they feel great! I was running them at 100 psi, but will try 125 tomorrow. Sorry, Uncle Al!
Dropouts are very nice. Cervelo carbon post is fine, too.

I'll post photos in a new thread...
Oct 17, 2003 5:56 AM
Glad to have such a comprehensive report! Good luck with the Edco hubs. You don't see them much in the States but I've heard they are very lightweight! FWIW... The US distributor for Edco is a regular over on MTBr. His name is Thorsten and he usually posts as Brakemeister on the brake forum. Here's his website (With some basic Edco info).