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Register your bike BEFORE it gets stolen(7 posts)

Register your bike BEFORE it gets stolenPaulCL
Oct 15, 2003 6:52 AM
I just read an article in my local paper about a recent rash of bike thefts ( Within the article, they mentioned how one owner got his two bikes returned to him becuase he registered his bike with a national registry. Police will look at the serial number of a recovered bike and immediately locate the owner IF the owner registered his bike.

I'm registering all of my bikes. $25 for the family isn't a bad deal for a little piece of mind.

My public service announcement for the day. Paul
Better hurry...they may not have the gigs forSpecialTater
Oct 15, 2003 7:16 AM
people like J and others here to register 10+ bikes ;)
off subject, how was the ride at Nemacolin? (nm)slow-ron
Oct 15, 2003 8:25 AM
Nemacolin? PainfulPaulCL
Oct 15, 2003 9:15 AM
I went out Friday afternoon for what I planned to be a 50-60 mile ride...but.... Thursday evening, our group had dinner with a never-ending glass of wine, followed by about 5 hours of broken sleep and a 7am meeting. Facing those hills hungover with little sleep just didn't make for a fun ride. After about 15 miles of what seemed to be a never-ending climb, I remembered that my wife was currently being pampered in the spa. Well, that big hot tub at the spa called my name. I bagged the ride and spent the next two hours either in the hot tub or the mineral pool or taking a nap on the sundeck. Maybe some other time.. I ended up with a 30 miler - not bad for having a hangover.

But the area is beautiful. I really wish I had another day so I could ride. I rode up rte 381 past the entrance to Fallingwater (which I toured the day before). Very hilly, but a great area.

Like I said, bring your climbing gear/bike....Lone Gunman
Oct 15, 2003 4:12 PM
I wish I could tour down in that area, maybe next year and stay down around Confluence or something. Very nice area. Have loved the architecture of Wright every since the visit in the late 70's on a field trip with my Drafting class. Used to work for the Kaufmann family (indirectly) at one of their Department Stores in Pittsburgh.
Nemacolin? Painfulslow-ron
Oct 15, 2003 4:47 PM
Wine seems to be much worse the day after than beer. Even so, I never manage to have a ride time that averages more than 12 or 13 mph in those hills even in good form. The resort really doesn't inspire an agressive ride after all the pampering and posh services. If you make it back down there post again and I'll try to meet to show you some "country" roads that really require a triple.
Thanks...if I go againPaulCL
Oct 16, 2003 5:44 AM
Nemacolin was a treat - my firm paid for the stay. At $400 per night plus spa services, meals, etc....a three day weekend would kill me. I wouldn't enjoy it if I had to pay for it. I would feel the need to stay on the grounds and use every service they had. OK, I'm cheap. I did enjoy Fallingwater quite a bit.

I would love to ride in the area again. I talked to a riding buddy of mine about taking a long weekend guys trip. Not to stay at Nemacolin, but at one of the local B&B's or camp in OhioPyle park. If I can convince them, look for a post on this board calling your name.

I don't have a triple, but it should would be nice. I didn't need a triple in Colorado this year, but those climbs are much different. In Colorado, I climbed at 5-7% grades for miles and miles and miles. In SW PA, the climbs were shorter, but much steeper. I might go out and buy a 13x29 if I come your way again.


PS. Yeah, wine hurts more the next day than beer. I think it is because red wine is so filled with contaminants that it causes a wicked hangover. The wine was great but sucked the life right out of my legs.