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"HELP" with foot pain(2 posts)

"HELP" with foot painWild Bill
Oct 15, 2003 5:54 AM
I have read the reviews but to no avail. I still need help with foot pain!
It is just my right foot and it is only in one spot. The hot spot is the widest part of my foot. The spot is not all around the edges of my foot but just in the middle, a spot about the size of a silver dollar.

Last 3 years I have been riding with Speedplay and Carnac Quartz shoes. I noticed a little discomfort on some rides but it went away, off and on. It never got to the point where I had to stop.

This year I thought I would try Campy Record Pro Fit Plus with Nike Poggio ll shoe. They started out great but the last 2 months it has been murder!!!!!!! My right foot hurts so bad I have to get off the bike.
I have tried moving the cleat to every possible position on the shoe. I have tried Ortho's and even different inserts, no inserts!
I even tried my old shoes, the Carnacs. I even have this problem with my MTB shoes(Sidi).
Seems it doesn't matter what I do my foot starts to get hot after about 10 miles and after 50 miles I am ready to kill something!

The doctor just tells me ....don't ride, use your walking shoes.

Can anybody help in this matter?
Clips & Straps?dzrider
Oct 15, 2003 6:14 AM
I've had hot spots like you describe, but never had them when I rode with clips and straps. I was younger and hurt less back then, but I don't remember riders complaining about them back then either.

Have you seen a podiatrist? There are lots of things that go wrong with feet that cause the kind of pain you describe. Bone spurs and plantar fasciitis are often helped by custom orthotics. Stress fractures and neruromas need rest.