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Ride route for San Jose area.(4 posts)

Ride route for San Jose area.loki_1
Oct 14, 2003 9:57 AM
I will have some time to ride on an upcoming business trip to San Jose. I need a good route (~50 miles) or two in the area.

Also, is there any place to rent a roadbike? I don't want the added hassle of packing mine.

Mountain biking would also be an option if it is easier to find a rental/place to ride.

Head toward Los Gatos, Saratoga & AlmadenCory
Oct 14, 2003 10:47 AM
Somebody who lives there will probably give you specific routes. I've been gone for 20+ years, but I went to school there and still have relatives in the area, so I ride there four or five times a year.
North toward Mountain View and Palo Alto is solid strip mall, but if you start near the south end of San Jose and head toward Los Gatos (Blossom Hill Road is one way, or Shannon Road via Hicks Road from Camden Avenue), you'll at least go through a woodsy, high-priced residential area (used to be farmland when I lived there) instead of subdivisions. There are a couple of high-end bike shops in Los Gatos that could give you advice. Local cyclist hangout is Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Co.--just follow the crowd and look for the huge pileup of $5000 road bikes out front. Sorry I don't know anything about rentals, but I keep a bike at Grandma's.
from where?mohair_chair
Oct 14, 2003 11:10 AM
San Jose is a big place. Where are you starting? Do you have a car?

A good road route I would suggest is to drive south down Almaden Expressway to Coleman. On the left side there's a park with a lake (Lake Almaden) where you can park. I don't know if Light Rail allows bikes, but you can take it from downtown--it ends here. Get on your bike and get back on Almaden.

  • Ride Almaden south until it ends.
  • Turn right on Harry
  • Turn left, almost immediately, on McKean.
  • Ride McKean for about the next 20 miles, until it ends. It changes names to Uvas Road after about 10 miles. You'll pass Calero and Uvas reservoirs along the way.
  • Turn left on Watsonville Road.
  • Turn left in about 1/2 mile on Sycamore Road. Sycamore has a small climb and a screaming descent down the other side
  • Turn left on Oak Glen, which is the first left you can take after the descent of Sycamore.
  • Eventually Oak Glen comes to a stop sign at a T-intersection, and continues to the left. (Llagas road is the thru road). You want to head to Chesbro Reservoir, which you'll ride next to.
  • Oak Glen ends at Uvas Road. Turn right and go back the way you came.

This is a classic San Jose road ride loop, and should be at least 40 miles. Once you get on McKean, it's rolling hills and there are basically no (required) stops until you get back to Almaden.

One option is when you get back to Harry Road, instead of going back Almaden, continue down Harry for a 1/4 mile and make a left on Camden. You can pick up a bike path there that will take you back to the park you started at.
re: Ride route for San Jose area.Louis_G
Oct 14, 2003 9:48 PM
I'd check out Mount Hamilton. It's 18 or so miles from the base to the top, 4400' climbing on the round trip. It's not super hot right now so it'd be a good ride and the views from the top can be great.