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Anyone else have an enjoyable Seagull Century?(11 posts)

Anyone else have an enjoyable Seagull Century?pmf1
Oct 14, 2003 8:19 AM
This was my eleventh time in a row and definitely the least enjoyable. Cold, windy and rainy ... my three favorites. I didn't think it could be worse than last yeart, but it was. A lot of people appeared to be bailing out at the Assateague stop.

I thought my feet were cold until I passed a guy wearing sandals at mile 85. He was mumbling something about hypothermia, but I was too miserable to slow down and listen.
Alas, I opted to work on the garage, instead ...Humma Hah
Oct 14, 2003 8:56 AM
... I'm nearing completion of the Perfect Home Bike Shop, and took advantage of the weekend to make some progress. I spent a lot of time up in the roof trusses, quite hot and dry, thank you. Had to take off my shirt due to the heat, in fact.
re: Anyone else have an enjoyable Seagull Century?novagator
Oct 14, 2003 9:06 AM
Mile 60-80 for me were just feet were soaked, didn't even feel like pie and ice cream at the 80 mile rest stop. Rain had pretty much stopped for the last 20 miles, so I decided to really crank it. Actually had a respectable ride, though, finished in 5 hours 4 minutes.
I was there on the fixie --Gregory Taylor
Oct 14, 2003 9:11 AM
The fixie was definately the weapon of choice this weekend. Put the "big" 50-tooth ring up front, and just wind it up and go... Rode about half of it solo and still came home with a 20+ "bike time" average. Despite the weather, I actually enjoyed myself.
re: Anyone else have an enjoyable Seagull Century?wooglin
Oct 14, 2003 1:16 PM
I don't know that I'd call it enjoyable, but satisfying definitely. I planned to take a bunch of photos, but the rain for the last half of the course pretty well shot that idea down. All in all, though, the riding wasn't bad. It was the stops that sucked, particularly getting back on the bike after lunch with teeth chattering and total body shivers, only to face the bridge with a quartering wind from the right, too many cars lined up to the left, and a wet white line to ride on.

Ice cream? Yeah, right. I got to the bar asap.
Enjoyable, but...DrPete
Oct 14, 2003 6:28 PM
I have to say that the low point of the day was definitely after lunch--I chomped down some delicious banana bread, stood around for a while complaining about the cold and shivering, and hopped back on the bike, not feeling at all like I had taken a break...

The ride back across the bridge sucked my will to live. The headwind, the rain, and the big rooster tail of water I got in my face whenever I tried to take a pull... utter misery. And I think those horses were laughing :)

Didn't have any ice cream, but did sample both kinds of pie at mile 80 (the apple was the clear victor). Had to force myself to actually rest at that stop... The weather (and my average) improved after that... I finished the day at 18.9mph bike time, i.e. 5 hrs 17 minutes.

It's funny that the whole meaning of the ride changed for me--I went into it thinking "OK, this'll be a nice easy century," and by the end of the day I was just driven by the desire to say I finished what many called the worst Sea Gull in recent memory...

It was my first one, so it can only get better, right? :)
Can't get much worsepmf1
Oct 15, 2003 6:33 AM
Last year it rained the first 60 miles and then the sun came out. It was warmer and not as windy. It did rain hard initially which was a drag. I saw a lot of folks turning around about 20 miles into it.

The last several years before 2002 have been absolutely gorgeous. A bit cool in the morning, but sunny and in the mid to upper 70's during the day. I can recall a few years in the early 1990's where I wore tights and a long sleeve jersey. I guess 2 times out of 11 with rain isn't too bad. Twice in a row kinda blows though.

The worst was waiting for my wife to show and pick me up for an hour after I finished.

I wish they did this thing a month earlier. Good weather would be more of a sure thing.
Actually, I thought that last year was worse...Gregory Taylor
Oct 15, 2003 7:06 AM
The rain this year was relatively light -- it rained harder last year.

The thing that really spiked the Misery Index for me last year was the traffic problem. In the first 30 or so miles cars would get caught behind huge wads of slow riders who were freaked by the wet weather, This would then cause an even bigger backup of bikes who were stuck behind the cars. Squirrely and miserable.

The leg from the Assateague Island (aka "Ass-Fatigue Island") to the "Pie Stop" is tradionally the hardest. The prevailing winds are against you.
Maybe I wasn't dressed very wellpmf1
Oct 15, 2003 8:45 AM
I wore shorts and a thin long sleeve jersey underneath a thin short sleeve jersey. Like everyone else, I was pretty cold by the time I hit Assateague.

Personally, I didn't think the Assateaque to Pie Stop leg was that bad. Maybe I was psyching myself out for a really nasty headwind (like right before the first stop) that didn't happen. The water was enough to make it dangerous though. Two guys wiped out right in front of me on the way to Assateague. They got skinned up pretty good, but not seriously hurt. That slowed me down for a while.

It did rain cats and dogs last year, but at least the end was pleasant and I didn't have to spend an hour with my teeth chattering waiting for my wife to show up.

Oh well ... I'll be there next year rain or shine. Lets hope shine.
re: Anyone else have an enjoyable Seagull Century?dcboomer
Oct 14, 2003 6:28 PM
I'm not ashamed to admit I was one of the HUNDREDS who bailed out at Assateague. I was cold, wet, and generally miserable. I had lost the wheel of my "tow truck" (the guy with the boombox) miles before, and just wasn't having fun anymore. I got on line for the sag wagon, but by the time I realized it would be at least an hour before I could get a ride (it turned out to be about an hour and a half) I was completely cold and stiff. I give the organizers credit, though - when they realized what was going on, they diverted all buses, vans, etc. to that rest stop. By the way, did anyone else see the horses running loose on the road about 10 miles before assateague? I'm not talking about the wild ponies, I'm talking about horses that had somehow gotten loose from a farm or ranch! Anyway, it was the least enjoyable of my 7 years, but hey, I blame it on the weatherman for being so damn wrong on the timing of the rain, not the organizers.
re: Anyone else have an enjoyable Seagull Century?spookyrider1
Oct 15, 2003 8:59 PM
Had a blast....Came all the way up from Chattanooga. Will take the bitter cold rain over the mountains any day. I hate apple pie but at the stop I scarved down a slice in record time. People were super friendly. Thanks to the guy from Baltimore on the Eddy who got me to the first sag in 58 minutes.....Will be back next year for sure.