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yo TNSquared...Ark highpoint redux ride report? nm(5 posts)

yo TNSquared...Ark highpoint redux ride report? nmJS Haiku Shop
Oct 14, 2003 6:28 AM
Mission AccomplishedTNSquared
Oct 14, 2003 9:06 AM
OK, here goes:

J put together a nice treat this past weekend. It was primarily my "Revenge Ride" against Mt. Magazine (the geographic high point of the state of Arkansas) after my walk/puke/sit/puke/walk debacle back in July. It was also the public debut of Eddy II, as mr. brown shorts finally deliverd J's latest acquisition this past Friday.

In addition to J and myself, we had two other takers and so the four of us headed over to AR this past Saturday. It ain't Colorado, but Mt. Magazine tops out at 2,756 feet over a six mile climb from the south. The north side is closer to 5 miles and not quite as steep. So of course, we started from the south (ugh.)

We made the round trip up the south side and down the north, then back up the north and down the south to return to our cars. "A" rode up both sides like a mountain goat, with "M" closely in tow, then myself and J. On the descents, J used gravity (and a 53 chainring) to his advantage and sailed down first, with M, then me and A trailing in his wake. Two twisty 40 mph descents in heavy fog to rainy conditions, with low visibility and acorns littering the streets - schweet!!

While I was no Roberto Heras, I was a completely different man than the one who showed up in July (THANK YOU, XT!!), so just to make sure I put ole Mt. Magazine in it's place, J decided we should go back up and down the south side another time. After deceiving us into complacency by sitting in the back on the first two climbs, J put muscles to mashin' on the last climb and taught all us peeps who's boss. I survived the last climb, barely, and cussing all the way that someone had snuck out and made the road so much longer and steeper than it had been a couple of hours ago. I hung on for dear life on the final descent as my arms and shoulders were too spent from yanking my way up the mountain to maintain a good grip on the brakes.

8 hours driving time
3+ hours riding time
16 hour day (4:00 am alarm, 8:00 pm couch crash)
53 miles
3 mountain climbs and descents
0 upchucks

A fine day indeed.
my #sJS Haiku Shop
Oct 14, 2003 9:34 AM
53.61 miles, 3:53 ride time, 13.8 mph avg, 44 mph max, 4 cars caught on the last descent. i love ketchin' cars.

i'm guessing we climbed about 6500 feet in about 50 miles.

"A" was none too happy to be caught and dropped at the top, in view of the visitor's center. i was dancing on the pedals in a most immodest way. :)
Sounds like funSpecialTater
Oct 15, 2003 7:14 AM
Good work, TN and J. J--I was confused about your new bike. Thought you got the TT'er in and built up. What's this, #8?
bikeJS Haiku Shop
Oct 15, 2003 7:23 AM
merckx elite--ultralight 7020 al w/full cf fork, ultegra, blah, blah, blah. stiff and "resonant", LOL. good climber. not a DC candidate. will get some pics online this week. she's a beauty! mad props to GVH.

tt frame's not completely paid yet. the tt build does not have priority. AL tt & foco climber still in the works will make 8, not including the $10 garage sale bike i bought a couple weekends ago.

yes, my wife is an angel.