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Attn: Houston area riders!!(3 posts)

Attn: Houston area riders!!bnlkid
Oct 13, 2003 10:34 AM
I spent some time in the Stafford area over the summer without my bicycle, but noticed that it didn't seem to be very bike friendly. All roads were busy with not much of a shoulder. I may have a chance to spend a week or so in Novemember, but may leave my bike at home again. The area in question is where Highway 59 and 90 meet(Sugarland/Stafford). I am not a big fan of driving somewhere to ride. The nice thing about where I live here in Minnesota is I can ride right from my door in any direction and have a bike friendly route. Looking for some feedback from Houston riders.

Stafford/Sugarland area ridesTig
Oct 13, 2003 3:58 PM
I live in the Clear Lake area, which is not anywhere near Stafford. I used to work in Sugarland though. I can't imagine too many places to ride in or around Stafford. Sugarland is further out and therefore has more isolated roads, especially south or west. You may want to contact Bike Line at 281-265-6101 or Bike Route at 281-265-3900 to see if they have any weekend morning group rides or can recommend a few good rides.

Drivers there are very busy in their high profile/make lots of money life styles (this is where the new rich and pro sports players like to live), so don't expect much respect on the road.

If you happen to be here Nov. 8th, check out the NovemberFest Metric Century
Lived in Stafford for 3 years.Tower
Oct 14, 2003 4:39 AM
In apartments on West Airport and S. Kirkwood. We had a few good routes down. Granted, none included bike lanes (nonexistant in Houston anyway).

For shorter weekday rides (~15 miles) we would generally get over to Dairy Ashford and ride south to 90, then out 90 to Hwy6 and go North back to West Airport and back over to Kirkwood.

For longer weekend rides (20-50) we'd take 90 out to Grand Parkway (99) and take that all the way to Cinco Ranch, and then retrace.

Hwy 90 has a good wide shoulder, but it's VERY busy come 5:30 on a weekday. Weekends are fairly quiet, especially on 99. You'll see a ton of riders on/around 99.