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Things that Caught My Eye from Milan Show(3 posts)

Things that Caught My Eye from Milan Showmerckxman
Oct 13, 2003 5:41 AM
I wasn't at the show but was in Italy and came back with the special Bici Sport issue on the show. These caught my eye and were my impressions:
1) Aluminum still predominant, more bikes using carbon for seat and chainstays; many nice mfrs we dont see here too often: Wilier, Scott, Olmo, Casati, Maserati (yes, custom from the auto mfr), Somec, among others-LOTS of others.
2)Magnesium: only 2 bikes shown: Pinarello and RIE Cycle (52cm weighs 900 grams).
3)Steel: DeRosa, Colnago, Scapin, Casati, Tommasini, Ritchey (Breakaway), Gios (25th anniv Super Record, lugged),Scout, Pegoretti, Carrera, Fondriest (looks like shaped steel tubes).
4) Carbon: Everyone is doing carbon. Eye catching: the new ORBEA, Opera, Passoni, Look kg 381 Tdf 100th anniv special, TECHMA, Frugeri, Kuota "Kredo".
5)Ti: lot of bikes in this category also. Look very nice: DeRosa XS, Opera, Passoni (anyone know more about this mfr?; their products look beautifully made)
6) another gizmo to increase pedaling effiency, claim 10% improvement: GOBAT EASY CRANK (
7) FSA introduced the SUPERLIGHT crankset
8) 50th anniv bikes from Colnago and DeRosa (hmmmmm).
9) Dedacciai has a new anti vibration system technology for forks and chainstays
10)why can't we have great magaizines like in Italy?
re: Things that Caught My Eye from Milan Showrussw19
Oct 13, 2003 10:24 AM
Two little things I wanted to point out.. don't know if you know this or not...

First, the Maserati bikes are made by Colnago.

Second, Opera bikes are made by Pinarello. Pinarello has a contract to use exclusively Dedaccia tubing for their bikes, so in order to use and experiment with other materials and other companies tubesets, the spun off Opera bikes to get around the Dedaccia contract. It allows them to build things like a Ti bike, as Dedaccia doesnt' make a Ti tubeset.

I am not really sure that makes any difference to your post, but it may explain who makes Opera for those who are not familiar with that story. Just a little FYI for anyone who cares.

Knew About Opera/Pinarello but not Maserati/Colnago TNX nmmerckxman
Oct 14, 2003 3:54 PM