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Time Impact pedals...(3 posts)

Time Impact pedals...crankset
Oct 11, 2003 1:08 PM
I have a couple of questions about these pedals. First, is the centering action of the spring that holds the cleat in place less pronounced than on the Equipe Pro's? I know they are supposed to be adjustable as far as float feel and wanted to know how that works. Could somebody give a good explanation as to how this float adjustment works?

Also, for those that have used Equipe Pro's, isn't the Impact a lot smaller than the EP? I mean, it looks narrower and shorter from end to end. Time claims that it has a big platform but I have my doubts as to their claim. What supports your foot is the length and width of the pedal, not how much amount they have filled with small metal platforms in a small area. I believe this is what Shimano has done by bringing the new 7800 pedal over the 7750. They have made a longer and wider pedal.

I have these questions because I am considering this pedal and want some answers before I go ahead and buy it.

Your responses are greatly appreciated.
re: Time Impact pedals...lyleseven
Oct 11, 2003 2:29 PM
I have both the Time Impact Mag and the Impact S. Weight is the only difference between the two, one weighing 340 grms and the lightest Mag/Ti around 240. the platform length, minus the toe portion is about 2 3/4" and quite wide enough to accomodate the ball of your foot. The overall length of the pedal approaches 4". As for adjustments, there are two positions to install the pedal, depending upon how you put the cleat on the bottom of the shoe, either 13 or 17 degrees or float. As far as the tension in the pedal itself (release tension) there are 3 adjustment settings. I like the platform feel of this pedal compared to the older Shimanos. I had some complaint as to how easy they were to get into for the first few rides but no complaints many months later. Unless you need the weight factor, go with S version as you can pick them up on Ebay for around $80-90.
re: Time Impact pedals...Bonked
Oct 13, 2003 9:57 AM
I would agree with the other poster. Although I can't comment on the Shimano pedals, I used to have the Equipes and now use the Impact and can't really tell the difference in the way the two pedals feel...both the centering and the platform size feel similar. Although I do find the Impacts more difficult to get into, but this usually isn't critical for road riders.

Note that the float is adjustable in that the release point can be set at either 13 or 17 degrees, but the centering spring feels the same for both settings.