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How do you react to hostile motorists?...(8 posts)

How do you react to hostile motorists?...dawg
Oct 10, 2003 2:26 PM
I know this has been addressed often on this board, but I find myself increasingly annoyed by drivers yelling out their windows or laying on the horn (not just the warning beep). The one clear observation is that it almost exclusively happens when I'm solo versus in a group ride. Obviously, there is really nothing you can do, and common sense dictates that you keep your cool and keep your mind on safety.

So, I guess I'm wondering how different people dismiss such aggression and manage to continue to enjoy thier rides?
Smile and wave or if I'm cranky...Sprint-Nick
Oct 10, 2003 2:35 PM
I do one of 2 things:

-smile and wave. Best way to throw someone off who is angry is to do the exact opposite of what they would expect you to do.
-or if I'm grumpy and irritable cus I've been riding hard or long occasionally I'll use the middle finger or some combination of finger, wave and smile.

All in all I recommend the first option though.

Yeah . . .Rich_Racer
Oct 10, 2003 2:44 PM
I try to remember to wave - sometimes with the afor mentioned unexpected smile, sometimes rather cynically. On the odd occasion I'll shout a few expletives!
the "smile and wave" is definitely bestThe Human G-Nome
Oct 10, 2003 3:03 PM
if you have an expressive face, also attempt to show them the "oh ma gawd, it's you, how have you been?, i'm so happy to see you" face.
Oct 10, 2003 6:10 PM
I do the wave and shout "wazzz up". I admit I use the finger often. I find on a group ride you get the horn from cars and some yells. Solo you get the cars coming too close but no real weird stuff to me on my own. I am more aggresive on my own for some reason and dish out the finger at will. But I am working on my anger and by reading all the opinions on this board it has helped me to be calmer and rather wave.

I only have a short ride on my own to the group rides, about a 10 minute ride on a one way road 3-4 lanes with a bike lane some of the way. I always look over my shoulder as the cars come in waves from the lights which are syncronized. Bottom line just be careful.
smile, wave, and shout: "God loves you!!"rollo tommassi
Oct 10, 2003 7:10 PM
in a cheery, yet condescending way. always makes 'em feel guilty....
Sometimes less is more.Spoke Wrench
Oct 10, 2003 6:29 PM
I think that hostility by motorists is an attempt to upset you and make you angry. Consequently, anything you do, like the one finger salute, is rewarding to them because it shows them that they were successful. Ignoreing them, on the other hand, is what pisses them off.
I'm jumpin on the bandwagon here......TNRyder
Oct 10, 2003 7:03 PM
Smile and wave. I figure that I've probably scared the poor fragile creature behind the wheel of the car. Though I have been known to forget to use all of my fingers while waving from time to time.