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Broken neck and recovery(7 posts)

Broken neck and recoverygtrguy
Oct 10, 2003 3:48 AM
On June 26th getting ready for a MT bike race I had a crash and broke my C7. I am very lucky that I am back on the road bike but not the MTB (DR orders). I still have tingling in my fingers and soreness and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. Have any of you had experience with this type of injury and what was your best therapy?
re: Broken neck and recoverybiketillyapuke
Oct 10, 2003 6:27 AM
I would suggest acupuncture. I am biased, but as far as I have seen, if you can find someone who is licensed and reputable, they should solve your problems. You won't have to keep going back like with some other professions.

Look For
State License (NOT CERTIFIED) licensed acus have 4 years of training certified has only a week end or so.
NCCAOM (national certification) in both Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture.
Check to find someone in your area
good idea..._rt_
Oct 10, 2003 6:53 AM
i've never tried acupuncture but i've heard it works wonders.

been there. done that._rt_
Oct 10, 2003 6:52 AM
about 3 years ago i was up visiting a friend in Vancouver and decided that i had the requsite skills to ride a log stunt up at Whistler. while i may have had the desire it turned out that i did not have the skills and i crashed off the end of the log giving myself a compression fracture in C6.

the recovery process is s....l.....o.....w!! i also experienced tingling (in my hands & feet), soreness & stiffness. i was off the mtb for 5 months and was only allowed to ride easy on the road until the tingling went away. i think it took about 12-16 weeks for the tingling to stop. my doc said there's nothing you can do to reduce this it just has to go away by itself. Ice & advil help some.

for the soreness & stiffness i did a couple months of sports med physical therapy. lots and lots of stretching, and some massage (1x/week for about 2 or 3 months).

the PT helped but some of the soreness/stiffness has become a permanent fixture. if i had my own personal masseuse i could probably get rid of 99% of it but i don't.

best therapy for me was the combination of rest (off the bike), stretching (they even did some traction stuff at PT), and ice.

heal quick!

been there. done that.lyleseven
Oct 10, 2003 7:16 AM
rt's advice is good. Different things work for different folks. I broke my neck at C-2 thru C-5 in August and could have been riding the big road bike in the sky or been a quad, but I was lucky because the fractures were non-displaced. The tingling in the fingers, numbness, etc. usually comes from some nerve impingement at the cervical disc level. If it is going to go away it will do so within a year. Physical therapy with a cllinic that specializes in this type of injury is really the best approach because there are a lot of mediocre therapists out there. I am also a big believer in massage therapy to get the blood flowing to the affected area and relieve the tension at that level. I have heard some positive feedback about magnet therapy but haven't tried that yet. Good luck and stay safe!
C7 & T6Tmw
Oct 10, 2003 7:12 AM
My other half broke C7 and T6 in a climbing fall, a couple of weeks after she was able to take the neck brace off we cycled down the east coast of Australia (2500 miles). Some of the off road and gravel was a little uncomfortable for her but we had a great time. Now she only gets a little stiffness now and again. Keep stretching and keep moving.
re: Broken neck and recoveryxxl
Oct 10, 2003 2:05 PM
What does your neurosurgeon say about the tingling? The soreness and stiffness should dissipate, but it'll take some time. The tingling might be no big deal, but I'd ask my doctor. I fractured my C2 (anterior, so there wasn't really a big dramatic moment) back in early May, and the stiffness, while better, is still there. Lots of "snap-crackle-and-pop" too, but that's normal. Getting on the bike was therapeutic, but I confined my rides to the local MUT (no turning around, limited traffic, etc.) for awhile.

The only therapy I've been given, so far, is to move my head in a "figure eight" pattern, and to generally avoid a fixed position for any length of time. On rides, I try to remember to do this. One problem I have had, though, is I've really turned chickenshit, on descents, turns, things like that; I'm trying to ride through it. Good luck.